Random Tuesday – I passed!, cold again, what, me worry?

I am all over the place this week, I swear. TMI, I know, but it’s hormones coupled with holiday stress. Actually, I had a nice weekend so no real complaints. We went to Growler Country Saturday because one of our friends had mentioned it. Then he semi-bailed out. Ash and I went alone but invited others, who also all bailed. Well, our one friend stopped by on her way back from shopping with her son. So we saw them for about 15 mins. We both had a flight and food then decided to leave and as we were, said friend who suggested going, finally showed up. SO, we headed back in and got more beer. It was a fun afternoon!

One of the reasons I wanted to do all fun stuff during my weekend is because I knew I was going to take the aforementioned test to teach online at the community college. Well, I took it yesterday afternoon and managed to pass! I got one section wrong because I couldn’t find where to add a rubric to a discussion post. What’s amusing is that I know how to add one to an assignment but it is not in the same place on a DB. SO, whatever. I know how to make them and add them elsewhere so I feel like that counts. And while we’re talking about what counts, experience should totally count. I have been teaching online for over a decade! Hoping they throw an online section my way for Spring, along with the MWF 8 am Zoom course I already have. Love getting my teaching out of the way early!

A great weight was lifted off my shoulders once that was done. I mean, I didn’t freak out or anything about taking the test but I was concerned. But I am so glad I got it done before the holiday break. I have 2 more courses today to teach and 2 make up conferences with students. But then I am free! Ha! OK, I have to pack and squeeze in a run tomorrow morning and a quick load of laundry and THEN we’ll be on the road. I am pretty excited for the break and to see my family. Now’s the time of the semester – and year – when things seem to hurtle towards some ending and then in January, I always feel blah. Holidays are over, it’s usually cold, and I just don’t have a lot of fun stuff. So I will need to conjure up some good feelings.

I am not, I repeat, NOT in a very good mood at all today. Just sort of tired, subdued and irritated. Hoping that once my classes are over later I can move past this obstacle. I realize that one can change their mind easily; it’s all in your mind anyway. But I just sort of want to sit in a room alone and hide out.

Ah well, time to get back to work. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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