MMMM + Overwhelmed, not sleeping well, and earlier this year seems like a lifetime ago!

I had a hard time falling asleep last night and was remembering the trip my son and I took in late February to St. Augustine. It really does feel like so very long ago. It was such a nice day trip; very organized and we saw a lot (it was his fourth grade field trip) and I, at first, was super thankful for it when lockdown began. Now, as we are traveling more and doing more of that stuff just with new protocols and masks, always wearing masks, it feels like a dream that we ever did anything where no one distanced or worried about getting sick. This mindset is pure insanity, if you ask me. As you’ve seen me write multiple times before: I am not a covid denier. I am, however, suspicious of some things. My favorite new meme is this one:

If lockdowns worked before, why would we have them again?

If lockdowns didn’t work before, why would we have them again?

Touché, internet.

In other news, I have a test today – that I have to take! – about the LMS we work with for online learning. I have worked within Canvas for many a year now. We used to always use Blackboard but some 4-5 years ago, FSU transitioned to Canvas and I was an early adopter, taking it on even before the final deadline. So I am rather familiar with most aspects. English doesn’t use all the features but I am comfortable with it in general. Well, to teach asynchronously at TCC, I have to pass this test. For some reason, I have been stressing about it instead of going over some basics and feeling confident that yes, this is something I know how to do. I have never been a good test-taker but I need to push that to the back of my mind and focus on passing it at all costs. I plan to take it this afternoon and I hope that will work out.

In Thanksgiving news, I am having dreams that things go horribly awry. I literally dreamt last night that everyone was gathered together and someone said the turkey was getting cold so we had to hurry up and eat. Once everyone finished, I realized that I had not made the mashed potatoes or the mac and cheese. SO I went into panic mode, telling my family I could get it done in and hour. Everyone said not to worry but for me, this was the ultimate fail! I hope my brain calms down here soon; I have pulled off many Thanksgiving meals so why am I worried now?

I just need to take a deep breath. Honestly, the word of the day should be “confidence”. I should not doubt my abilities in any of these areas. Obviously, don’t get cocky, but trust that I can do all this stuff: work, packing, planning meals, etc.

I am kind of hoping that on Friday, we can go to one of Pensacola’s newest breweries, Coastal County.  It has a really nice outdoor area, so we can at least feel more comfortable in that way. I know that makes my parents happy. It’s funny to think about the dissonance between what is and is not safe: for a bit we were worried about visiting but think about this: my sister and her boyfriend lived with my parents for 2 months. Both of them worked retail. If that’s not treading into the danger zone, I don’t know what is. I guess what I’m saying is, if the conspiracy type ideas are true ( a la this video) then let’s just all take a step back and just be… GRATEFUL.



Today, we’re tasked with songs that spell out the letters of GRATEFUL.

OK, gonna cheat this first one and say it is (I’ve) Got Plenty to be Thankful For.

Apropos of nothing, I suddenly thought of this song for R – (Please) Release Me.

Here’s one I just discovered but pretty timely for the holiday: Apples, peaches, pumpkin pie!

The T is easy!

Here’s a good song for our upcoming feast.

OK, going to cheat the F and do (Tank you for being a) FRIEND. Who doesn’t love the Golden Girls?

Let’s get into the next holiday spirit with one called Under the Mistletoe.

And this one has absolutely nothing to do with any holiday but I just thought of it and it’s a rockin’ tune. The Doors were such a jam band!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Overwhelmed, not sleeping well, and earlier this year seems like a lifetime ago!

  1. Gee, I just threw songs together. Nice playlist!

    I think time has shown that Covid-19 is nowhere near as fatal as the media convinced everyone it was (except to the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions) and now they’re just shutting things down because we let them. At this point, I’m less concerned about the virus than I am about the ill effects of the lockdowns, and I’m starting to think that none of this was necessary.

  2. Wow, great job with the tunes girlfriend, and listen chill out your Thanksgiving is going to go as smooth as pumpkin pie! You’ve been down this road before as you said. You’ll be just fine! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. God bless… and again great job on the tunes!!!

  3. I’ve been enjoying the great variety of songs in the various posts on this topic, and you had such a great variety – everything from Bing Crosby to the Doors. Besides LA Woman (I had the album in vinyl when it first came out) my favorite here, which surprises me a little, was the Cab Calloway song. I’ll second XmasDolly, you’ll be fine. Perfection is never required.

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