It’s Friday!

I feel like this has been a looooong week, with many ups and downs. I really did start to panic about another lockdown but then remembered I live in the great state (yes, I did call us great) of Florida and even though we have Florida Man, we have a wonderful governor who sees reason. I know some assholes who refer to him as DeSatan instead of Desantis but I know plenty of libs who actually like most things he does. This is really saying something! Regardless, despite the rise in covid cases, we can beat this thing and have very high recovery rates so forcing businesses to close, thereby causing a ripple effect of monumental proportions is not the solution to your fears. Anyway, back to my ups and downs. I was worried then I got over it and I think it was Wednesday I was in such a happy mood. We went to Costco and got some staples then did indeed find the shuffleboard table I had wanted at Academy. We managed to jam it into the Pilot, even though it stuck out some, and get it in the house. This thing is heavy too! We built it yesterday then Ash’s big friends helped flip it over and get it into place. My sunroom is now the dining, gaming and temp Christmas room. LOL. After the holidays and when Costco gets square dining tables back in stock, we will put the table in the opposite corner and rearrange the whole thing. I’m excited!

OK so today I am in a good mood despite the problems I had in the middle of the night. I went to bed thinking I was having some allergy problems but then I woke at 3 with a totally stuffy nose, then started sneezing. It was pretty awful and kept me up a while. Got up this morning with a headache but I forced myself to run and now I feel much better! It’s so funny that you can tell yourself you will be smart and healthy and then so easily let it go. For example, we just discovered this guy named Wim Hof, who has been dubbed The Ice Man because he can regulate his core body temp even in freezing weather. He has all these crazy breathing techniques and mind tricks and so Ash and I started doing the breathing. Then the next day, totally forgot. Admittedly, when I could not get to sleep last night, I did some deep breathing and it did work. Then I had the weirdest dreams all night long. Sigh.

We’re getting tired of our usual restaurants so this week we threw in a throwback visit to Chilis (it’s still just mediocre) and today, we plan to go to Riccardo’s, a well-known long time Italian place here. I am not even fond of that kind of food but at this point, I am willing to try other things. Though I would honestly eat Mexican every single day if Ash would let me. LOL.

Anyway, I have to go rearrange our storage closet upstairs because we bought an inversion table but the non-working elliptical needs to be disassembled and stored first. Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. Weird dreams are the best kind. YMMV.

    They haven’t gone to any extremes here in Georgia, either. While they’re encouraging people to have virtual get-togethers and warning that large, indoor Thanksgiving celebrations can spread it, they aren’t going all California on us. It’s just Mary and I, anyway, so we won’t have an issue.

    How big is this shuffleboard table, Just curious.

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