Just a quick post – stream of consciousness style.

Busy, as always. It’s cold. I ran a great 2 miles then got right to work – conferences with students. I’m ahead on grading, which is somewhat of a miracle. Looking forward to Thanksgiving. Somewhat worried because there have been more COVID cases at the younger kids’ school. Not worried that that will get it but that it will muddy the waters for visiting family. Sometimes I think it’s all a scam. I woke up worried Biden will get elected and we’ll have a lockdown. Which is the legitimate worst thing he could do. Honestly, I used to say I was one facebook post away from alienating all my friends but if that awful eventuality happens, I will get on that platform and blast the hell out of everyone who voted for him. OK enough of that. Positivity. Good things: beer. Just transferred our Irish red. Our Nut Brown turned out really good. So drinkable and doesn’t even taste like a homebrew. It tastes professional. I’m doing a weird 2 meals one day/1 meal the next and so on intermittent fasting schedule now. It’s working. Tonight we have a flag practice and one kid has a game; this will keep me busy while I am fasting so I don’t think about how hungry I am. I am starving right now in fact. I need a break, a vacation. Maybe I need a day on a beach somewhere, though that is not likely to happen. We moved a couch in our sun room to make enough room for the Christmas tree. I’m excited for the changes.

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