MMMM + Pretty good weekend, considering

I say “considering” because my husband was in some mood starting Friday. I don’t blame him; I’m normally the half of this partnership that is irritated and annoyed by people and situations. I’m almost always bothered slightly by something. Anyway, the woman at Roadhouse set us off with her rude behaviour and we ended up walking out and not going to eat. I went to the store and picked up a sandwich and some stuff for dinner and by then, he’d cooled off a little. A little afternoon nap helped too. That evening, we decided to go up to Momo’s for pizza, even though, for some reason, my kids complain about that. They like it but they would rather stay home and game. Oh well! Eating there that night was nice; it was cozy and the food was good and we were together.

Boys both had 8:30 AM games at different fields so I took Isaac to the elementary school up the road and Ash took Ell to the normal ball fields. Isaac’s team, as previously noted, had talent but no organization. So this game was the first after the coaching change. When the other team ran back the first kick off for a touchdown, I figured we were doomed. But that was their only score! We creamed them, 27-6. Isaac had two touchdowns and the whole team just worked a lot better. They knew where to be, what to do, and they played hard. It was awesome! Meanwhile, Elliot also had a good game with a stop on the goal line and an interception, plus key flag pulls. So a great way to begin our day! I made spaghetti for them while I ate a salad and then the afternoon was relaxing. We went to Academy for a few things then Zoomed with Ash’s family. While on the call, a group of 3 boys Isaac knows from school showed up asking if he could play. Like the old days! He was reluctant and I was like, “No, you go get out there. It’s an opportunity.”

Ash went over to a friend’s house to hang out for a few hours and I sat in my chair and flipped through the TV. I rarely just scan channels anymore but I found this one called AWE and watched a showed about cruises and one about buying mansions. It was kind of nice, actually, to be alone (once kids were asleep) and just chill.

On Sunday, I ran an AWFUL four miler. I didn’t feel right; I felt straight exhausted the entire time. Looking back on yesterday, I think I was warding off something. I kept getting really hot and just tired. Never did run a fever though. I do think, though, that my body is adjusting. I used to do a 16:8 fast and for a long time, even if I wasn’t logging it, I was mostly sticking to a 14-16 hour in between meals time. But now I am doing, essentially, one day with one meal (lunch) then the next day I eat lunch and dinner. And I organize it around run days. So the day before a run, I get two meals and on run day, just a huge lunch. Right now I have been fasting since 5 pm yesterday. Will probably eat my first meal around 11:15 today. I think it is working because I already feel slimmer.

Isaac played with those same kids in the afternoon and Elliot rode bikes with two of his friends. It was really nice to know they had things to do. These days, our lives seem to revolve around school, sports, and screens. Playing outside with friends was a huge part of my childhood and I think integral to kids’ growth.

Anyway, it’s freebie week so I am choosing some more songs that get highlighted on Yacht rock radio.


Remember when this was true? i.e. we celebrated that everyone was different and had their own ideas? Doesn’t it seem like even though some people claim they believe this, they really don’t… especially if you vote differently? I hate it. But I love this song.

Here’s another one I just dig.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Pretty good weekend, considering

  1. Mary and I went to Roadhouse once, and though the food was okay the atmosphere left much to be desired, particularly when they cranked the music up to Led Zeppelin levels and the waitstaff did a clumsy interpretation of a line dance. When I asked them if they could turn the music down I was turned down flat. We haven’t been back.

    Gee, kids going to another kid’s house and asking if he could go out? That IS old school.

    You picked a couple of great songs. And I agree, we need every kinda people.

    1. We only went to Roadhouse because their 9.99 lunch special but if they are going to change their policies on a whim, they can count me out! It was kind of the one place that seemed to cater a little to those of us who may trend a little more “right”. Oh well; there are other restaurants out there!

      1. I trend a little “right,” anyway, but even so, there are hundreds of restaurants (well, maybe a hundred) where I don’t have to watch the waitstaff trying to affect a line dance…

  2. Well, the first tune I’ve heard that before, and I can relate, & a cool song,but I can’t remember when, and your next tune by Robert Palmer. I haven’t heard this song by this singer, but I do like the song a lot.Thanks for sharing that,and now girlfriend.first off so glad to hear the boys are doing great with sports, but very, very glad to hear they’re at least doing it. This Covid crap WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP!!!????!!!!! I hate what it’s doing to poeple! All the stories I hear lately is just getting me down and the news videos I’m starting to cry at like that guy who sucker punched that republic he was a pedofile paroled from jail recently. Isn’t that wonderful!!!! JERK! Anyway, enough of our crazy world becaue we have made our own with ouir fabulous music, right? Have a wonderful week my friend, and stay healthy…. stay safe! Your tunes are freakin’ fantastic, I loves your choices! hehehe~ My favorite out of these is “I’m so into you”! Wow, really brings back some fun memories and my party days as a single woman! Talk about party days. hahahahaha Nope, not me… well, once in a while, but mostly working to support my baby girl. Have a good one my friend! hugs

    1. Honestly, the fall-out from all the policy changes is more harmful than the virus itself! Ready for everything to stop being political and hoping the parties can once again leave each other in peace. Thanks for always hosting and commenting!

  3. This brought back fond memories of attending an Atlantic Rhythm Section concert in Little Rock, AR back in 1984. I do like the 1980’s! As for your thoughts: When I think back to my childhood (late 50’s/early 60’s) there were only a limited number of TV stations. We listened to news announcers that announced the news without sticking their political opinions into the reporting, if you listened to a rock station they would still play various genres. In other words everyone now can be in their own bubble. If person A is on Twitter they have a totally different feed than person B, as selected by some algorithm based on which tweets they like, and person A experiences a whole different reality than person B. Critical thinking is dead. Even music is like that now, sliced and diced into tiny segments of genres so the listeners are only exposed to a little of what is out there unless they actively seek it out.

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