MMMM + How long do we have to do this?

I was talking to my husband last night and you know what would help? If each city shut down most travel. i.e. close the on and off ramps to the interstate. This way, not too many people are coming and going. This way, businesses could stay open and if we continued to at least be cautious about distancing within our own areas, we wouldn’t run the risk of tanking our entire economy. Maybe that’s unrealistic to think they could stop anyone but wouldn’t people rather be confined to their town instead of their homes? This would capture the people who will blatantly disobey orders at least. For the rest of us taking it somewhat seriously and staying home, we’re doing our part. My entire family has been home for some time (I’ve been home 12 days; have gone to stores 3 times). Kids have been home since Friday the 13th after school and Ash, since last Tuesday. He went out to Walmart with me once and we were surprised how many people were out. But truth be told, it’s not bad here. We have very few cases in this region anyway.

So yeah, we’re making it ok. The kids have really become closer, I think, even though they have their moments of fighting. They spent the majority of Sunday outside, actually. Riding bikes – oh yeah, Dakota learned after just one lesson! – and raking leaves and playing with water guns (still too cold to go in the pool.)  We’ve played board games and tried to complete a puzzle, and we watched that new Onward movie, which I highly recommend. It was fantastic! There’s only so much TV watching you can do though so I have been reading and I take a run every other day. My knee is still messed up – can’t bend it all the way – but I get a solid mile in. I have to; it makes me feel like the world isn’t being swallowed up by illness and panic. You could let your mind go down that slippery slope really easily these days. No joke.


It’s a freebie week and I haven’t been listening to a whole lot of anything new except the EP from the guy who fronted HIM, Ville Vallo. I love his voice.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + How long do we have to do this?

  1. Most of us are doing our part when it comes to self-isolation, but it appears, some people still don’t get it. There were images of crowds on the beach in Vancouver on the news yesterday. You’re right about the economy! There’s likely a recession ahead. 😦

    Ville Vallo does have a lovely voice. Thanks for sharing that! 🙂

    My #4M entry @ The Doglady’s Den

  2. You need to have a certain amount of interstate travel. Otherwise, how do trucks with supplies and goods to sell get to the businesses who need them?

    Ville Vallo has a good voice…

  3. Well, I agree with the joy riding around town and going out of state. Stay home people I believe P. Trump stated we’re now on lock down anyway isn’t that what that means. STAY HOME!!! People don’t listen though that’s for sure. Just like all the hoarding at the stores. This world is going to hell in a bushel basket my mom would say! Take care of you & yours my friend & stay healthy! All my friends for 4M is in my prayers. Please join us!

  4. Ville Vallo – liked this; we need some mellow music for these times. The staying home is a challenge for many people but it’s necessary and some people are just NOT GETTING IT. Our county executive got so fed up at one point he told people to call 911 if they saw people gathering in groups in public places like parks. Not sure that’s the right thing (the 911 service is already getting overloaded in some parts of the country). I don’t think shutting down the interstate is the answer, either but my county did shut down our interstate bus terminal last night. Our food stores are starting to recover from the initial hoarding by limiting sales on certain items and these include things like carrots and potatoes (besides the TP, power towels, etc.) At this point in time I’m working from home. I am fortunate. So fortunate….

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