From the trenches

I am wont to believe that this whole thing is some kind of test; we as people are overreacting to this minor pandemic to practice for something that may or may not ever happen, but couldI mean, we could all believe that, right? I still don’t think it’s as bad as they’re saying.

In some ways, I am starting to believe that Elliot and Dakota already had it. New info coming out says this thing was in full swing by October. Elliot was unusually sick in November and had a good number of the presenting symptoms. And right after he was sick, so was Dakota. They both slept an inordinate amount of time, which is unusual for them whenever they are sick. So it could  have been. We don’t really know because China lied or at least withheld information from the world.

What I do know is that the kids are now home until the 15th of April and I am online through the end of the term. I’m fine with that but I am not used to doing all my work with other people here. Neither is Ash so he is adjusting as best he can since they’re saying stay home for at least a month.  I go back and forth between being very and perhaps overly worried and then feeling like if everyone takes precautions (and I realize you can’t make EVERYONE do this) we will get through this. It’ll all be ok. What do you think? What are you feelings here?

4 thoughts on “From the trenches

  1. I also go back and forth – more panicked and stressed that not, but I do have moments of calm where I think, “This is all precautionary, it’s just meant to flatten the curve and slow it down, in a few weeks we can hopefully call it an over-reaction.” What I REALLY need to do is get off Facebook and Twitter. For every good news story, or positive spin, there’s 10 bad news stories filled with gloom and doom. I don’t like it. Not one bit.

    1. Yes, I told myself yesterday to stop reading articles. Some are very fact-based and informative and they actually do give hope but then the mainstream media spins it like this is the end of the world, because they love that shit and so do most people. But if it’s serious, we really shouldn’t act that way.

  2. The measures taken seemed a bit extreme at first, but they were good logical choices to make: If human contact spreads the disease, reduce the amount of human contact; if the worst cases are from China and Eirope, restrict travel coming in from those places. Will it stop the spread of the disease? Not entirely, but it’ll sure slow things down, and maybe by then we’ll have our arms around the problem. We’re pretty much self-isolated anyway, so it’s not that big of a sacrifice. Where we might go out to lunch, we can order from them, pick it up, and eat at home; our local Starbucks is still doing drive-thru service, so we can get coffee, sit in the car and enjoy it. The stores are short on some things, but we have a lot on hand anyway (including plenty of toilet paper, because we bought when it was on sale a couple of months ago) and it gives us a chance to try things we haven’t tried before. I’m confident that we have the right people working on this, so now it’s just a case of sit back and wait.

    1. I totally agree. I think we (the government) just needs to make smart decisions about the economy. And sometimes I feel pretty helpless when I think about that.

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