Random Tuesday – Panic, shopping, warmth

Stacy Uncorked


  • On Sunday, I found myself feeling very nostalgic. Sometimes I get this way where I have random flashes of memories from places I once lived. I don’t feel it as much today so I didn’t write any of these memories down but I kept meaning to on Sunday. Lesson here being that I should write things down as I realize them.
  • So, I know it may sound like I’m being purposely blind or turning a blind eye to the Coronovirus/Covid whatever thing but numbers don’t lie. I know it seems crazy because it’s spreading so quickly but look at this chart:87464745_10213627150587063_5650939783321485312_o
  • If you take care and wash your hands and have an otherwise healthy immune system, you’ll be ok. I also saw an article that explained the reason so many people in China are suffering is due to their already horrible air quality; it is a respiratory disease after all.
  • I am so glad that Girl Scout cookie season is over. There’s a lot of stress around it, trying to get your kid to meet their box goal and then, trying not to eat all the cookies! I mean, I know I didn’t avoid them, that’s for sure.
  • In fact, I have been awful about my eating. Not just bad things but not doing the fasting as often. It’s high time to get back to it but there keeps being a reason to either eat late or start earlier. For example, we got back from camping last Sunday and my parents were still here so we went to breakfast. I normally eat around 10:30-11 but we ate around 9:15. Oof. But it was such good food!
  • So we did end up buying some pantry staples just in case some day, in the near future, people start panicking so much about the virus outbreak that we have to stay home. I believe this could totally happen, where they want you to stay indoors as much as you can to halt more spreading. Better safe than sorry and if nothing else, we have food for a while.
  • Not to get political, but I have to say, if you’re on the left and looking at Biden, do you honestly think he’d be able to do anything? He seems, dare I say, senile? His repeated screw ups would make me worry… if I was gonna vote that way. Luckily, my decision is already made. I just get to sit back and watch and wait.
  • The weather is messing with me today. The radar predicted late afternoon rain but then it was raining as I took Elliot to school. Now it is breezy and on and off sunny. Wish it was just sunny because I’m reaching that early spring yearning for some tanning. In fact, is it beach time yet? d42c8126ddf5d57a47f99181aaede80c

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