Thursday and Friday Random notes

  • (Thursday) How the heck is it already 10:30? Ugh. I woke up and got going early enough; was out of the house by 8:20 to go for a 3.1 mile run in prep for my race. Still ran it in slightly less than 35 minutes, which is way too damn slow. But the hills! What an awful route. But the thing is, it begins half a mile from my house so why would I not do it, you know?
  • I was turning a corner by this very pretty pink flowering bush, and Judas Priest’s Touch of Evil came on so I was singing it. Just past said bush, there was a dude in his driveway staring at me, presumably because he heard me singing somewhat questionable lyrics. But then again, he was wearing a full length trench coat and a fedora so who’s the weirdo here, hmm? I gave him the stink eye and kept on trucking.
  • (Friday) I did the big hill this morning, 5 times. Actually, what I did was park on a side road and run to the hill then up and down times five. It was hard, not gonna lie. But I actually felt pretty strong. I ended up getting about 1.8 miles in there, which was not my primary concern; it was more about conquering the hill again and again.
  • Oh, the feels like temp is also 37 and I did not dress for that. I figured I’d suffer extra hard just for funsies.
  • We put Isaac’s inventor project to rest today and I am glad. The two week turnaround for a diorama is a joke. And any parent knows how much they really have to help or guide for those kinds of assignments. I honestly think all projects should be done in school. Otherwise, the kids with slacker parents will have garbage outcomes and the other half get ridic projects because the parents do it for them. So there’s got to be a balance.
  • My parents come through town tonight and will watch soccer games tomorrow. They’ll be staying tomorrow as well but we are going camping for the night. It’s now freezing, of course. Which my family likes for camping but I absolutely hate. Although, I guess I’d rather suffer a little and not have bugs.

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