Random Tuesday and Wednesday apparently

Yeah, I never did post yesterday so half of this is from Tuesday and the rest, today.

Stacy Uncorked


  • Well, our company left this morning and now it’s sort of back to normal; Ash took the day off so hes downstairs working on his own stuff and I am working on, well, work. Grading and whatnot.
  • We had a wonderful time with the family. I have really only hung out with my brother-in-law’s wife maybe 4 times? We first met when the fam did Xmas at Stone Mountain in 2017 but then we only saw them a few other times. But it was a good visit. We got to hold the baby a lot, they got to hang out with our kids a lot, and once everyone was asleep, we got to talk and drink different beers and sit by the fire. There were board games and good food and an all-around nice time.
  • Though I saw it coming, Ozzy announced today that he’s canceling this tour. I was a little sad but again, it’s not surprising, given his Parkinson’s. I do hope this company refunds my money though! I could use it, to be honest.
  • I ran a couple miles this morning and though it isn’t warm, it is exceedingly humid, so everything is oddly wet. It was that way last night too. Yesterday was dry but overcast and we were sitting out by the firepit and as the dense fog fell, it would dump huge drops on us. Not rain, but just moisture. Gross.
  • We didn’t watch a single bit of TV while our guests were here and that surprises me. Sometimes you revert to that because it’s easy but no, we just did other things like ping pong and basketball and the electric scooters.
  • (Wednesday) Woke up feeling not very rested and a little unwell but I’m making it. I went to bed stressed about both my younger kids’ stupid diorama projects. Isaac’s was only a 2 week turnaround right after his 3-d Florida map so I was miffed about that. Then right as we were in the thick of being stressed about his, Dakota got assigned one. The problem with these kinds of projects is they’re going to look like trash if the parents don’t help. But you know what? I’m not in school so why would I be doing it? Ugh.
  • On a happier note, I had a really good day yesterday until a certain point. I got some work done, as mentioned, then Ash and I went to Carraba’s. It wasn’t the best service but the soup and salad was exactly what I wanted. We then went into the grocery store, then dropped off Girl Scout funds before going to Goodwill. You never know what you’ll find and we finally picked up two items from our wish list: a desk for Elliot’s room and a dresser for Isaac. His has been falling apart for a couple years! I just kept wood-gluing that thing back together. Both items couldn’t fit in the Pilot at once so we had to make a couple trips.
  • We then cleaned out the garage on one side. It had been a pile-up for a while, with bikes and scooters and all kinds of junk. So that felt really good. But even though I did so much, I am still really stressed. I didn’t get the one position I phone interviewed for last week. I realize that not all jobs are the right fit and maybe this wasn’t for me. Maybe if I had gotten it and then I find out I get the full time TCC job, I’d have to quit that one. So you never know what the universe has in store for you.
  • For example, I got an email offering me an 8 week class at TCC. Is it perfect? No. It’s MW 8-10:30. I would much prefer to have all my mornings open. But do I want money? Yes. So I said yes and I will make it work. But two and a half hour classes? Oof. That feels daunting and I am a wee bit stressed today; in fact, just here, there, and everywhere, brain-wise.
  • I took a minute, though, to make myself some food: cilantro lime rice, refried black beans, fajita chicken, and a cilantro ranch sauce. SO good.
  • I have to get ready for the second part of my day now. First was getting kids off to school and groceries and now, I have to go to the chiropractor and then go teach. It’s a crazy life!

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