It’s Wednesday and here I am with some random junk

  • Was it just yesterday I talked about being in a job holding pattern? Well around 4 pm, I got two emails: one from an online tutoring company and one from WGU. Both are interested; one sent me paperwork to move forward and one scheduled a phone interview. So good vibes my way please!
  • I also decided that I need to run more days a week if I want to get back to longer distances where I actually feel like I’m gaining something. So after a 2 miler yesterday, I did hill work today. I went down the hilliest road in our neighborhood then did “the big hill” four times before coming home. Then tomorrow, I’m going to do the 5k route. It may be slow going but I need to re-familiarize myself with it.
  • In my attempt at not eating two bowls of ice cream in one day (which in all honesty I only did once, yesterday) I went back to one of the recommended keto meals this morning: beef and butter. Mmmm, nothing like a straight bowl of beef in the morning.
  • I burned the heck out of the roof of my mouth last night eating a jalapeno popper. I was too hungry and too in a hurry and so today, everything feels weird in there. Actually, everything felt weird this morning in general. I didn’t hear Isaac get in the shower but he swears he did. I didn’t hear the garage open and close when Ash left. When I went downstairs, it was exceedingly quiet and the internet wasn’t working. So yes, everything felt just a little off. I’ve cobbled together some work and started to feel more normal but I still feel like is weird.
  • Also, as cheesy as it is to talk about the weather, it seems like this is the normal pattern now: sunny beautiful day, gray ugly day, and alternate. I am kind of sick of it. Can I please have a couple sunny days in a row or is that just too much?
  •  I’m going to class today and then, if the weather holds off, Elliot has a soccer game tonight. Another late night where no one eats at a normal time; yay!

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