Random Tuesday – Moments, money, running, etc

Stacy Uncorked


  • Do you ever remember a moment in time and that feeling is captured so profoundly, that it literally stops you for a minute? I had that just a second ago. I remembered when, in December 2018, I took Isaac to Jacksonville and we saw Ghost. The moment was when we were waiting in line for doors with all the others, a light misty rain anointing us, some people in an Italian restaurant looking out at everyone. I don’t know why my brain randomly dialed up that brief time in my life but there you have it: my Tuesday morning, 9:24 AM.
  • I feel like I am in a holding pattern; I was all panicky about money, then I applied to a ton of jobs, then I let it go and, as they say, put it in God’s hands. It takes time, I realize, but I tend to get really impatient. But all my stress took its toll on my body so now I am trying to get back to a normal, healthy place.
  • Been hungry since 10:30 last night. We had breakfast dinner last night because the kids love it, it’s easy, it satisfies me since I no longer eat breakfast in the morning, AND Ash used to hate having that food at night but since he has changed his eating times/habits, he’s ok with it. So as I drifted off to sleep, I was dreaming about what I’d eat today. Will it be sushi from Fresh Market? Perhaps a cheeseburger. Or tacos? I am so hungry! But I have to see when the garage door guy will be here; that will determine when I can leave to get said food.
  • I ran a 2 miler today, earlier than normal because I had to drop Elliot off at school. It was a good run and I am so glad I went. On Thursday, I am going to run the 5k route for the race I’m doing in March. I do it almost every year and fail miserably on this one very steep, very long hill. But one of these years, I will nail it.
  • OK, I had better utilize my time now; grade papers, put the cover back on the pool, and hope the garage guy is on time!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Moments, money, running, etc

  1. I’ve always said I hate the ‘hurry-up-and-wait’ mode. 😉 Also, I started replying to your email days ago, then got distracted by shiny objects – I’ll be away from my PC most of the day tomorrow, but as *soon* as I’m back to it, I’ll finish my reply and send it off! So nag me if you don’t see it by, say, Wednesday morning (since you’re 3 hours ahead of me). 😉

    I haven’t made breakfast for dinner in eons – I think it’s time to do that soon!!

    Good luck running the 5k route (or did you do that already?) Hopefully you’ll be able to conquer it like a pro! 🙂

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! I will def nag you if I don’t see it. Ha. And no, my 5k is on March 7th. I ran the route again today and my time sucked but I crushed the hill!

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