MMMM + February now??

Geez, I think January lasted approximately 84 days. It was a long month but last week felt even longer. I guess because Tuesday was the day of bad news but then I think it ended well, even though I am still hurting for money. We had a nice relaxing Friday, after I spent ALL day doing student conferences back to back for four hours. Saturday was all soccer games, then a brief respite before two birthday parties. For our friends, not the kids’. We went to Hurricane with everyone for Todd’s birthday then left the boys to sleep over at their friend’s house. Then we went out to James’s party with Dakota, since she is friends with his daughter. We had a good time at both; drinking, talking to friends, fire pits and s’mores. I definitely was feeling it Sunday morning though!

The good thing about drinking Saturday, however, was that we did not drink during the Superbowl. We had our large meal (steak, mashed potatoes, and roasted corn) for a late lunch and then had our requisite junk food during the show. I am glad it was a close game; only a little disappointed Kansas City won. If nothing else than because all the I-don’t-actually-watch-football front-runners were behind them and I just hate that crap. Apparently, that’s who the halftime show was for too. Wake me when they pick a rock band.

Today I am balancing home things like filling the pool, vacuuming, and the new problem: broken garage door torsion spring, with my other job duties.  I heard the spring break but wasn’t sure what it was at the time. Then I remember when our old door’s spring broke and that sound. It’s ridiculously loud. Doesn’t hurt that my desk is directly above the garage. Anyway, they’re coming out tomorrow so let’s hope it isn’t an expensive fix. Apparently January’s bad luck is bleeding into February!

This week will be slightly different in that our normal Monday/Thursday soccer practice schedule is nullified by Tuesday/Wednesday games. Ell has Teen Court (volunteering) Tuesday also and then Thursday, I’ll just have my class. It’s fun so far but then again, I’ve only been once. Friday night we have a Valentine’s Girl Scout even so that should be fun. /eyeroll.


Speaking of Valentine’s Day, that is the theme for this week, even though we’re a couple weeks out yet. Honestly, I love a good love song. But I hate Valentine’s Day. We don’t need a day to say I love you to people; you should do that daily! But if you want to give the greeting card companies your money, that’s on you. I won’t judge.

And now, some of my fave love songs

6 thoughts on “MMMM + February now??

  1. Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses has to be my favorite. My dad was a truck driver too & he was such a hard worker, but he never got to retire. He got lung cancer and passed before he could retire. What a beautiful song though. Kenny Rodgers is also so pretty song. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that song. Thanks for the introductions. They’re wonderful. Happy you had a good time this past weekend too. Happy almost Valentines Day!

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