MMMM + Moms have to keep going; that’s just the way

My oldest was sick all last week, feeling slightly more like himself (i.e. back to being a sullen almost-teenager) by Friday. When I got home after work, all the kids were laid out on the couches, watching a movie. My youngest was asleep and when she woke up, alas, she had been stricken with the sickness too. She spent all weekend with a high fever and mostly just slept and drank water. Elliot was good about water but he hardly slept so maybe that’s why he took so long to get over it. She feels ok today – no fever – but she’s still kind of blah. I’m hoping this is the end of it because my Lord, it is difficult.

Thankfully, my husband got back into town around 6 Friday night. Yay! Always rough when he’s gone. We had planned to do not much of anything on Saturday, especially given how busy he’d been and our daughter being sick AND me just feeling burned out. I tried to subtly explain to my husband that I really wanted he and I to go to lunch. The kids weren’t interested but I needed some time with him and away from the sick ones. But he was relatively unaware of what I was saying so I spent most of the day just feeling sad. Luckily, he finally got with it and for dinner, we tried a Mexican place up the road. Aside from not having draft beer, they did have good food and I think we had a nice time. It was rainy out and it was cozy inside. And it was just what I needed.

On Sunday, I decided to try running for the first time since I injured my heel, about 3 weeks ago. I taped it up and made sure my heel cups were in place and then I did one full mile. Overall, the only pain felt was normal plantar fasciitis pain, which I am used to. The funny thing is I have to re-teach myself the proper walking and running form. For weeks I have been limping as to avoid putting full pressure on the back of my heel. It’s been interesting relearning the proper gait.

We mostly just watched football in the afternoon, after Ash and his buddy finished getting the cover on the pool. It’s a much better one so hopefully it’ll keep all the leaves out.  I enjoyed my day off and was reluctant to sit down and get to work today. I.e., grade papers. But since it IS a short week, I am feeling pretty happy. My parents get here Wednesday so everyone has to be over their sicknesses!


I can only come up with one but this was a great 80s hit!

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