Random Tuesday – Gray day, semi-sick kid, and so much to do

Stacy Uncorked


  • My oldest has major congestion today and a sore throat. He hardly ever gets sick so I let him stay home and rest. He has to sit around of course. I don’t think he’s faking it but resting is for the best anyway. I plan to shovel miso soup down his gullet at lunch and diffuse Thieves all dang day. No one can be sick for Disney!
  • Oh yeah, always good timing eh? My foot’s busted and we walked around two parks this weekend. But honestly, my heel is feeling ok. Not 100% but definitely way better. I am taking good care of it.
  • It’s not as cool today as it was over the weekend but I think we’re going to get more cold-bringing rain. Ah Fall! I am still excited about this season and hate that some houses in my neighborhood already have their Christmas blow-ups out on the lawn. Wait until the turkey has cooled a bit there, buds.
  • Elliot and I ordered Japanese for lunch. I thought mushroom soup would be good for him and I wanted the miso and some sushi. I haven’t eaten yet today – not even when my window could open – so I am juuust about ready for that food.
  • Getting a lot of good grading done after my mishap in my classes (where I got confused about when things began) so I feel really good about how much I have done.
  • Since my foot is feeling ok, I am trying to get Halloween stuff put away and Thanksgiving stuff out. It’s still harvesty time here!

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