MMMM + Always somethin’, ya know?

I sit here in my office, trying desperately to catch up. I thought one of my online classes began today but it actually started last Monday so I am behind! But I am catching up for sure. So anyway, weekend recap.

Got home Friday evening and the others were about to go on a run. I took Dakota on our one miler then we began setting up. Ash had picked up an older projector at Goodwill to tool around with so we decided to build a fire and watch old movies outside, projected onto the garage door. We watched A Goofy Movie and The Rock. Fun times! It was one of the first cool days so the fire and my new blanket from Costco were nice and cozy.

Saturday we had the boy’s last flag football games. Isaac had 2 – they won both – and Elliot just one but he had four flag pulls and an interception! I was really proud of both of them. Both teams did their end of season parties – trophies and sweets – then we went home to nap a bit. Directly after my nap, I did the dumbest thing. I was wearing these socks that seemed really slippery on the hardwood. Before, I even mentioned that they were super slippery. Anyway, I slid off the top step leading into the living room and bashed my heel on the second step. I just came down really hard on my heel. At first, it seemed just tweaked, muscle-wise, but got progressively worse. In the evening Ash and I took Dakota to dinner with the girl scouts then we went to the local museum for a night tour, which was pretty neat. Got to see some nocturnal animals. I hobbled my way around, not able to put pressure on my heel without a shooting, searing pain in my ankle and calf. I really had a breakdown as I got into bed, wondering if it was possibly a hairline fracture.

Sunday, it was no better so I made an urgent care appointment, as soon as I could, though it wasn’t until afternoon. So I made sure to rest it as much as possible. Once I got to the doc, they did an xray and it turns out that the heel spur I have had (which I knew about but did’t give me trouble) had probably just caused a contusion in the muscle around the heel when I struck it on the step. So that’s good news anyway. Just need to rest, use cold/heat, and massage it. It even feels a lot better today but I cannot put full pressure on it. Oh, and let me tell you: every day at TCC since I discovered the closer parking lot, I have found a spot. This puts me at a very close walk to the building in which I teach. But of course, since I am hobbling today, there wasn’t one. Why? Why is my life like this?


With the above being said, I wanted to post songs about being thankful for what you have and realizing that sometimes the world does not go he way you think it will. So take these two offerings:

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Always somethin’, ya know?

  1. Take care of that heel. Bone spurs are a pain; I know that from experience. What you observed as far as not being able to ge a close parking spot and having to walk a distance is just the way things are sometimes.

    Another good gratitude song by Bing Crosby is “Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep,” with which he serenaded Rosemary Clooney in “White Christmas.”

  2. Ouch! But it brought us too wonderful songs, a bit different than your normal offerings? I can’t remember how many times I told my son, when he was growing up “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” but he grew up to love rock music anyway, lol. As for the Bing Crosby song (and I have to admit, I can swoon just hearing his voice) Irving Berlin had such a way with song lyrics. He was indeed one of the greats – well, Bing and Irving, and even Bing’s younger brother Bob.

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