Random Tuesday – Virtual 5ks, rain!, and a new restaurant

Stacy Uncorked


  • Mah dudes, what a morning already! First of all, I slept like total trash Sunday night. I kept waking up and sneezing for one thing. Then the back porch light came on, which almost never happens so it means something was roaming around back there. Then four cars in five minutes passed by with exceptionally loud music at 1 am and that’s a lot, even for our cut through road. So yeah, I woke up Monday and felt AWFUL.
  • But I made it through just fine until my second class where 19/24 people showed up and only 3 turned in their paper. Three! I let them have it too. Talk of you earn your grade, I don’t give it. And if they want to fail, go ahead but I am super nice as a professor and I give so may chances. So I don’t appreciate them throwing that in my face. Ugh. I hate having to get on them but they really dropped the ball.
  • When we got home, I had already decided we’d go out to dinner at a new place we got called Glory Days bar and grill. It’s typical American food of course but we all enjoyed it. Mondays are 7 dollar burgers and truthfully, that is what a burger is worth. None of this 11 dollar bullshit. We even had desert, which we never do but hey, it was a special thing.
  • After the kids went to bed, Ash and I watched the 1978 Dawn of the Dead because, you know, Halloween. It wasn’t scary, and I hate horror movies. I wanted to see it mostly for the mall scenes because, well, you know me!
  • So this morning, I woke up after a solid 6 hours of sleep and I hadn’t even moved all night! Such good sleep. Then I got up and did a 20 minute lower back yoga video, got dressed, and ran my virtual 5k for The Great Pumpkin race. Look it up! I opted for the Tough Pumpkin, which meant I carried a smallish orange gourd whilst running. I am sure I gave the commuters who saw me something to think about!
  • Now I have 80 million final essays to grade and about 15 student conferences online. But since ti is rainy, I am compelled to stay inside and get those done. Sometimes working from home on a beautiful sunny day is counterproductive!

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