MMMM + Busy weekend full of spooky things

OK maybe not TOO spooky. Friday evening, I was exhausted. I don’t even remember what we did except that the kids started watching Angry Bird 2 and I fell asleep. Honestly, I have a bad habit of forgetting what we do on Fridays; end of the week and my body just says “relax”.

Saturday morning, I woke kind of early because my husband and oldest got up early to get a 3 mile run in. I went ahead and hit the store before games. We were at the flag fields from 9 until 12:30. Luckily, we got a bit of a break before more activities. So I cleaned and took a nap. Around 3:45 we went up the road to our friend’s house for a low country boil. Good times! The only problem, I guess, is that half the folks were from their work and the other half are the girl scout families. They’re fine and all, if not just a bit boring. But the two groups never really mingled. Oh well. I had some amazing food, good beer, and enjoyed it. We went home by 7:30 to get ready to go back out!

Our friend who helps with our general home improvement tasks (because he’s handy like that) made a haunted house out of his garage so we went to a get-together out there, all dolled up in our costumes. I admit to being a little afraid; I don’t do well with jump out type things. But they did an AMAZING job in a smaller space and each room was well detailed and each “jump out” was tame enough. He had a couple neighbor guys helping and they just did such an amazing job on it. I was super impressed. We had a good time there; I was a little overfull from food and drink but sometimes, you gotta do it.

Sunday was detox day. I got up late (8:30) and started on chores and making lasagna for lunch. Watched football a while then took Elliot to get some new pants and some other various Target items, then Isaac and I ran 3 miles. The men-folk in my house are all training for the Thanksgiving day 10k and I am training Dakota for her first 5k. But Isaac missed the Saturday 3 miler so it was my turn to take him. He ran it so well too – no complaining. He did the 10k two years ago but hasn’t done more than a 5k in recent times. I love when we all get back into running, truthfully. We had a light dinner then we all watched Sleepy Hollow, which I personally always liked but Ash always thought it was lackluster for a Tim Burton film. To each their own. I told the kids they had to watch a semi-scary movie at least one time before Halloween. LOL.


It’s a fall/Halloween theme so here ya go: one of each.

This one is right up my alley, you know. I was a HUGE GnR fan back in the day.

Helloween is a particularly appropriate band for Halloween, don’t you think??

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Busy weekend full of spooky things

  1. Wow, you got some great videos here… sounds like a full fun weekend! Glad to hear you had a great time. That was really nice of your neighbor to make that Halloween garage. Hmmmmmm Interesting idea!!! I thought you might have some interesting tunes.. hahaha I mean totally! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU AND YOURS!

  2. I was going to include November rain on my first November post – perhaps I still will. Love that song. Helloween…new band to me, had to look them up, so they are German and this album is from 1996. So, saying that, it had some good moments. A garage haunted house? I can remember going to a summer sleepaway camp and one of the bunks, each session, would have a Haunted House. In July? Yes, a small space can work. Not a fan of haunted houses, either. Haven’t been to one in over 20 years.

  3. Always loved November Rain – great song choices all around! 😉 Your weekend sounds busy, as usual – very impressed the running thing is a family affair! 🙂 And how cool your handy friend made a fun haunted garage – and that it wasn’t too jump-out-scary. 🙂

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