MMMM + Semi-productive and relaxing weekend

I don’t know why but when I sit to write on Monday morning, I forget what we did Friday. Think…think…. Oh! So I taught, obviously, and then went straight into Publix for french bread, sauce, and a box of noodles; it was spaghetti night. Now, I had started working on a fanfiction piece and was motivated so while Ash watched episodes of Rick and Morty, I wrote some. In fact, this was one of the couple of nights where I did not sleep on the couch early!

Saturday morning, Ash ran and we got ready for Isaac’s game. He had a 9:30 game but Elliot had none since his first week was a double-header. It was kind of nice to go for just one child and with no other kids in tow. We sat on the other team’s side because it’s way more fun to hear them complain than to cheer for our kids, who are already great. Anyway, we went to Sonny’s after and then to Academy. I don’t recommend shopping after having the largest size beer Sonny’s sells. LOL.  I just sort of want to buy everything! But I didn’t, thankfully. After that it was college football and nap time. Not as good as last week’s nap but still enjoyable. When I woke up, Isaac and I went to Publix and Fresh Market for the next day’s food. I can’t remember what I made the kids for dinner and even what we did. Oh, I know, Ash and I watched Dark Phoenix, which was WEAK. Such a bad story and pacing, considering they have comics to work from.

Sunday, I started early with getting bagels for everyone then ran a fast 2 miles, no stopping or walking at all. My back is paying dearly for that but that’s ok; when you’re 40, that just happens. I was glad I did it though because I felt motivated. Ash and I went to Costco before coming back to make steak, mashed potatoes, and corn. It’s the end of corn season though, that’s for sure. They were tiny and measly offerings. We sat down to nap and watch football then in the late afternoon, I followed through on my promise to take Koda outside to swim. Though we are still seeing temps in the 90s, our pool is a semi-comfortable 79 – so, still swimable. But definitely not for long. I think maybe this week and next could be the last few chances we have. I practiced my cornhole skills while the kids swam then Ash came out to play too, which always makes them happy.

Today is “Fall holiday”, i.e. Jewish holiday that the school board doesn’t want to necessarily label, so the kids are off school. It’s kind of annoying since it’s also a no-device day (they only get them 3 days a week) so they’re mad about it But they’ve done ok so far on entertaining themselves.


OK SO, popular songs when you were six, eh? That’d be 1985, which I consider a very good year. I was thinking last night, as we watched Kickboxer, that music will never be as good and have that same feeling as it did in the 1980s. It was so free and it didn’t care if it was cheesy. Also, rock easily meshed with pop. Now, pop seems to dominate and I honestly think people are a little less discerning about their entertainment. I hope this doesn’t come off as snooty but I think because we have SO MUCH to choose from now, people just watch/listen to any old thing. But I digress. Let’s highlight some popular songs from 1985!

Oh man, Thunderdome? Yes, please.

You know I had to pick some hair metal, because, well, Ratt!

I always liked this one too:

11 thoughts on “MMMM + Semi-productive and relaxing weekend

  1. Claire,

    The 80s rocked! I think the problem with today is that people lack the good judgment to know what’s good and what’s not, so that’s why they listen to anything. I get frustrated watching talent shows where fans get to vote because obviously, they are voting for the person with the biggest sob story instead of talent. Thanks for boogieing with the 4M gang, dear. Have a songsational week!

  2. I agree with Cathy. The 80’s definitely rocked. Tina Turner = Talent! That woman retired in style for sure. Great tune with Thunderdrome out in front. Great job on that one. Oh my gosh, I’ve never heard your second song… thanks for the introduction! Ahhh and Stevie Wonder… totally cool. Sooooooooooooooooo many favorites and I’m sure there are many too numerous to count his fans. Thanks for playin’ along with us. YOU HAVE ROCKED THE HOUSE! And a HAPPY HOLIDAY!

  3. I knew I would run into my beloved 80’s, and this didn’t disappoint. Tina Turner (I’ve only seen Mad Max, and that was like a zillion years ago), Ratt (a great exercise video – I wonder how well many of those stars of 1985 move, in 2019) and Stevie Wonder (a wonder for the ages). Thank you for the trip back to 1985.

  4. I was a hair band fanatic teenager in 1985, so Ratt is obviously my favorite of these selections. But Tina Turner is, was, and always will be, FANTASTIC. Love her lots, too. I do love Stevie Wonder, but this was not one of my favorites by him.

    I remember the days of having to be at several ball parks at once, and trying to do all the other things, too….I actually miss it these days! I sure wish I could get motivated to run. Or even walk. I recently dropped about 20 pounds; don’t know how, but would love to keep it going and incorporate fitness into my routine as well.

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