Hints of Fall

One morning in mid-June, we had a random cool morning. The kids felt it the second we walked outside to go to camp. It was not hot at all and the wind brought that hint of coolness that we in North Florida only get about four months of the year.

Today, September 20th, we have our first actually cool morning. Yesterday was low 70s but a little still. Today, it’s 67 and breezy. Birds are calling happily to one another in the trees above me. In fact, I am sitting out on my deck and grading papers. I have two entire hours here with no student conferences so I am slightly freer. I chatted online with about 40 students throughout the week. Though they are only 10  minute conferences, they take up so much time and mental effort to get through them all.

I am wearing a hoodie because the chill is just cool enough to bother this Florida girl. It’s a lightweight tech hoodie I got for signing up for my first virtual 5k, which is basically a run you do on your own time. You pay the same, get mailed a bib and a medal, and you have to report your time. I also added on the “tough pumpkin” option, because this is the Great Pumpkin Race. So I will run 3.1 miles WHILE carrying a pumpkin. Isaac is going to come with me to take pictures too. So yeah, the hoodie was the swag from it and I love it.

The air’s crispness is so refreshing, I was actually giddy driving home from dropping off the kids. It’s so exciting to witness the change of seasons! It feels like a cleansing, a rebirth to a new time for the environment and for people. I love fall so so much. I love the newness of the semester, the cool breezes, kids’ flag football on Saturdays, followed by college ball, then pro football on Sundays. I think the weather invigorates people too; we have all kinds of plans emerging in October: midget wrestling, axe throwing, a low country boil, ZZ Top concert. All those will be new experiences for me! It’s awesome, you guys!

Today  is the first day all week I don’t dread going to class. I didn’t have good plans this week so I was scrambling at the last minute to come up with lessons. But of course, I did it and both days I actually had more content than I needed and ended up running out of time. They just workshop today so easy peasey and I can come home and relax on a Friday!



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