Random Tuesday and Wednesday – no bloghop this week, back on track (I think), and a new outlook

  • I mentioned Monday how off-kilter I am this week but luckily, I woke up Tuesday very motivated. I put the robot in the pool, graded a bunch of stuff, and I hit Costco during my lunch “break” (when you work from home this is important). I also went to the Red Shed, a bbq place. (My pulled pork and potato salad was amazing!) I also had an an online orientation for another one of my gigs at 3 and I took the laptop downstairs around 4 to prep dinner!
  • I can rock this at-home thing, I really can. Like any job though, there are times when you just have no motivation or work ethic. It happens to the best of us. I just need to make sure I am organized and diligent. I saw an article on Medium today about how your first 3 hours of the day are scientifically your most productive and I do believe this. I am definitely best in the am. The article lost me when they said to eat breakfast (I fast) and not to work out in the AM (I always run in the am.) She also lost me when she said “you should workout in the morning.” It’s WORK OUT in this context. It’s only one word if you mean, “I had a very hard gym workout this morning.”
  • So, in news that would have meant more to be in the past, FSU finally got what it has been after for many years: get into the top 20 ranking of national public schools. We sat at #26 for SO long, then we jumped 8 spots! Pretty cool. I do still teach here so it’s cool but I would have been more proud/excited if this had happened maybe two years ago.
  • I finally tracked down t-shirt display boxes. Somehow these are difficult to find! Michaels had 4 and the reviews are right about them feeling a little flimsy. But I want to put my vintage Judas Priest shirt, purchased from the lead singer of Behemoth right above my desk. We don’t have much of anything on our bedroom walls but this can be my own little work-from-home corner. Hopefully my husband doesn’t mind. LOL.
  • Yesterday’s food made me sleepy so I set a timer for 20 mins and then,  when I woke up, it was somehow raining, which is random to say the least. The radar showed nothing at all out there. It’s good for the plants and grass though, since it has been very very hot. It is not good for the little dog that my neighbor leaves outside.  That makes me sad.
  • My run today was pretty good. It got really good when I thought about how it was about 8:45 and in my old life, I would have been at work, hating life. Today is MY day. This life is MINE to do what I want. It’s pretty awesome. Though next week is going to be crazy busy on my off days, it’ll still be great.
  • I have made a couple new recipes for the kids this week and so far, everyone has liked them. I consider this a win!

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