MMMM + Burning the candle at both ends

At least, that’s how the weekend felt. Working until 5 – and I KNOW this sounds like a total first world problem – is so exhausting. So when you get home at 5:45 pm and then leave the house by 6:50 to go to a friend’s house for drinking and family games and then leave by 12, it’s even more tiring. But we had a great time! It was at our friends’ Tiffanie and Kenny’s home with their three kids then us, and two other families and their kids.

The next morning, Ash and I got up a little early (I didn’t sleep well) and cleaned brewing stuff before heading to a member of the brew club’s home to do a group thing. We were the first ones to get started, which actually worked out better. We were home around 2, rested, then went back out by 5:30 for a friend’s surprise party. He was turning 60 so it wasn’t like some rager or anything but it was very nice.  His wife rented one of the nice banquet rooms at the University center/stadium so we had an open bar and very good food and cake. Luckily we were home by 9:30 because I was TIRED.

Sunday was a little more relaxed. Except our main goal was to buy a chest freezer, since the wine fridge we’d been using for beer fermentation bit the dust. We thought Walmart carried them but turns out they’re just a waste of time. BUT Costco did have them and at a good price so, yay. We were able to pitch our yeast and get the brew fermenting. It’s a much better set up than the wine cooler, that’s for sure. Once that was done, I was able to clean and run errands and sit for just a wee bit. My parents got in around 3ish and Dakota had a friend over while Ash worked on some house projects with a friend. It was busy! We had some really good steaks for dinner so that was nice. I feel like I didn’t rest much this weekend but hey, it is what it is.

On a work note, the 23rd of August cannot come soon enough! I can’t believe I actually have an end date now to look forward to. I’m about to start putting large Xs on my calendar, just to count down. And to show my co-workers that they’d better learn some of this stuff I do! Ha!



SO I don’t really watch these shows so I’m not going to be very good at this week’s theme of favorite AI or The Voice songs. OK I’ll give you ONE song. Many years ago, this dude sang a Bobby Caldwell song and I liked it.


4 thoughts on “MMMM + Burning the candle at both ends

  1. Claire,

    You have the busyiest weekends of any I know. I get tired just reading about your going-ons. lol So, you’re leaving this job for another. Congrats! I know you’ve been unhappy with your current employer or is it with just your sup? Whichever is the reason for your leave I get it and here’s to August 23rd being your last.

    Now, I couldn’t remember this dude, so I looked him up. His name is Elliot Yamin from AI season 5. That’s the same year as Taylor Hicks (winner) and Katherine McPhee (runner-up) both which I recall clearly. His first hit single was ‘Wait For You’ which I do not remember that went to #1 on Billboard Independent Albums chart and # 3 on Billboard 200.

    Anywho, thanks for the memory jogger and for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor this week. Have a boogietastic week, my dear!

  2. CONGRATS! CONGRATS! My daddy would be proud of you. He constantly told my brother & I do not quit a job until you have a new one or you’ll regret it. When I was working I followed that rule myself. Now as far your tune actually I looked up what Cathy girl said & yes he was on that AI show & so many of the runner ups made it big and I’m glad this one did. He had great talent. So glad you picked this fella to show… Girlfriend you have rocked the house! Have a great day!

  3. Congrats on having an end date. It will give you lots of satisfaction, I’m sure to put up each “X” and I don’t mean the X’s on America’s Got Talent, either. Yup, Elliot Yamin was on the same season of AI that Taylor Hicks won and I have to say, I forgot all about him (Yamin, I mean). I do like this song. He should have gone further with that voice than he, apparently, has.

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