Friday bullets – Last week and this week

Last Week:

  • Instead of eating during my lunch, I went to the chiropractor and my neck is much happier now.
  • My stomach, on the other hand… I got a big ol’ salad from Whole Foods and as I sit here eating it, slowly even, my stomach is making all kinds of weird noises. It’s like, ‘What the heck dude? You don’t feed me for 16 hours then you give me this?’
  • Yeah I sometimes don’t mind a big fat salad. I also got some egg salad and chicken salad – just wee scoops – to offset the lettuce and veggies.

This week:

  • So yesterday, I managed to work my escape plan for this job. In fact, it went better than expected. I asked my boss – hypothetically- if employment were to materialize, did she want 2 weeks or more. And she was like, do you hypothetically have something to tell me? Then we discussed my end date and all. So, yay. I feel a huge weight lifted from my shoulders now. And the end is in sight!
  • This last month is really going to test my patience; I SO don’t want to work here anymore. Maybe I will come out a better, more patient person after this.
  • Once the fall starts and I figure out which days I am home, etc, I am going to become such a crockpot master. Imagine if I could do one of those recipes that says to cook it for only 6 hours. I’d have time during the day to prep and have it all ready for the kids. OMG, it’s going to be awesome.
  • I was just asked to do a task a mere 4 minutes before quittin’ time. You think I will? hell no! See y’all later!


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