Random Tuesday – Only slightly disgruntled, looking forward, why do I even bother with Nextdoor?

Stacy Uncorked


  • I started a list yesterday of things I will get done when I have more free time/time I can work around so look for that on Thursday.  It was fairly extensive; I am excited to see how many of them I can actually accomplish.
  • A lot of aspects are still up in the air but the jobs are coming together. Papers for Ashland went through and they said I’d hear soon exactly which classes I get and how many. Then there’s training later in August. TCC got my background check and the woman said she’d get with me soon about schedule. Then I did finagle 2 online courses here where I already was teaching. It’s A LOT of teaching but the prospect of doing it at my own leisure is still exciting me.
  • When I was at the University center the other night, I saw a photo of my work building from 1930. 1930! It doesn’t barely look different from the outside either. And I was thinking how sad it is that I am going to leave it. Then, even though I realized this a few weeks ago, the irony is not lost on me that the person who pushed me out has the same name as me. As if she is my nemesis, the evil me. Kind of amusing how the world works.
  • I am out of my Black Rifle Ghee/MCT oil mix so I switched to regular ghee and Bulletproof XCT oil. I am starting slow again as directed – 1 tsp and not more – of the XCT but it’s an interesting feeling. It sort of makes my whole body feel like it’s thrumming. I heard you have to acclimate to it so maybe this is part of that phase.
  • Working while knowing you’re leaving is so weird. I am putting in effort at the same time as I really just… don’t care. I am a good employee and want to get it done but I also have no added pressure. It’s such a strange in-between place.
  • My across-the-street neighbor lady, who I do like, made a post about a guy riding up and down the road very slowly last night. I saw him too and thought he looked a bit shaky. She noted that he and his bike resembled the one shown on a Ring video in another post. That kind of stuff really bothers me! He in no way lived in my neighborhood so what was he even doing? Now I probably would not have even thought further about him if she had not posted. So is it good I am aware now or just scary? Guess I had better check every camera notification I get, just in case.
  • One more note about my new schedule come Fall: there will be a lot less sitting around bored time. You know? At the office, if I get something done, then I’m just there. At home, there is always something I could be doing, you know?

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Only slightly disgruntled, looking forward, why do I even bother with Nextdoor?

  1. It is amazing how the ‘no pressure’ mode kicks in when you have a definitive departure date – I’m like you, when a job was coming to an end, I’d do everything needed to make sure there was nothing hanging when I left, but with sort of a ‘short-timer’s attitude’, but the ‘good’ kind, because I have something better to look forward to. 😉

    Oooh…strange person riding around in your neighborhood – lots of porch pirates are out and about lately – just read a news article about one in California that finally got caught…with over 600 victims of his porch thefts (so much so, he rented a storage unit to keep the overflow of loot!) Crazy, I know!

    A lot less ‘sitting around time’ is going to be awesome for you! And way cool you picked up a couple of online teaching classes, too – I really appreciate the virtual teachers Princess Nagger has. 🙂

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