Random Tuesday – Long weekend recap, funny job stuff


  • SO, Friday, I spent most of my evening reading. Elliot had gone to a friend’s sleepover. Saturday morning, we got the pool vacuumed and then packed the car before retrieving Ell and heading to Pensacola. We got in a little before lunchtime, had a couple beers, then went to Cactus Cantina for some tasty Mexican food. Turns out tropical storm Barry went way west so we didn’t get any rain at all. It was overcast and windy but not rainy. After, we went to a new gelato place. Well, new location. The woman, whom my parents know, used to be in the historic district but moved to East Hill to a larger location. She now sells records and beer along with her hand made gelato. Good time there; good IPA, really good stout. DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus is super yummy! Below: this funky place.20190713_135120
  • We stopped by a Vietnamese market and picked up some bahn mi and spring rolls for dinner, which were super yummy. The next day, they had big breakfast and then Ash and I went scouring thrift stores. They have some really good ones! I found wedding/dress shoes for the boys, some tennis shoes for Koda, and a couple button shirts for Isaac. We also picked up one of those weight vests and a bowling ball! We then met my parents for a hibachi lunch, that was my Mom’s 70th birthday meal. She doesn’t turn 70 until the 31st but we weren’t going to be able to get over there any other time. We just have something planned each weekend until the end of… time.
  • Hibachi was good, though they didn’t have as large of portions as the places we frequent here. But still yummy! Later on, Ell and my dad stayed home but the rest of us went to Perfect Plain brewery. What a place! You know, I go to a lot of breweries and brew my own so yeah, I’d say I am a bit picky. Anyway, I enjoyed their beer, the atmosphere, and their choice of entertainment. To me, that’s a big deal in a hang out spot. They had a projector showing sports, a big Jenga, cornhole, and a ring game, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. 10/10, would recommend!20190714_171609
  • My mom made Hungarian chicken and noodles that night and I promptly fell asleep on the couch, as usual.
  • The next morning, we hit some more thrift stores then then mall, then had lunch and got on the road. Monday was super productive, felt like. Because once we got home, we got the lawn mowed and laundry done and put away, and dinner made. It felt like a very long but busy day.
  • Back in the office and the one work thing you’re going to see my write about until, like, August, is just how weird it is to work knowing I’m out soon. Like, I want to still do my job and get everything wrapped up but at the same time, what do I care? I know nothing is 100% certain at this point – one place is currently contacting my references and the other,  I am waiting to start the hiring process but was pretty much told she’d hire me – but I am still dreaming of a day I can walk out of here. I am also highly superstitious and negative so I worry something is going to fall through. At the same time, I DO believe that if you think positive thoughts, you will bring positivity to you. On that note, here are some funny pins I found about jobs.c4db9df582dc7c261fd6ff6ff17fade2
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