What the heck is a Clerihew? – Wednesday Medley


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1.  Try your hand at a Clerihew poem or two or three!

OK so I guess I’ll give this poem style a go. I usually am more motivated in the AM but more creative in the writing sense late afternoons so bear with me. Here;s one about my job situation:

Disgruntled Claire Bear went down without fanfare

She bides her time

till she leaves without committing a crime!

I know it sucks but I am busy at work today!

2.  Tell us something about your week so far.

So far, the week has been kind of low key. Took Isaac for a haircut yesterday, I have to go to the store today. We go out of town this weekend so I have to make sure I do some laundry and eat up any food that won’t last in the fridge. We have a huge rainstorm headed our way and I am sick of people freaking out about it. It’s not even a tropical storm; calm down people. Stop watching all the Weather Channel propaganda. It’s summer in Florida; it rains! 

I don’t know why but I am super hungry this week and it’s definitely not good for me. I feel like I just have to keep shoving food int. I have not eaten outside my windows or anything but I just want to keep eating! Hopefully that will pass soon so I won’t constantly think about food.

4 thoughts on “What the heck is a Clerihew? – Wednesday Medley

  1. Thanks for joining the Medley! I am enjoying reading all the Clerihew poems and yours is great! Sure hope the weather people are wrong and you get away for your vacation! What I saw tonight on the news takes the storm west of New Orleans. Hoping it doesn’t become a hurricane.

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