Random Tuesday – No shame in my game, Stranger Things, Working towards the end

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  • I know I recapped the fourth weekend but let me reiterate how lovely it was to have time off and enjoy friends, food, drinks, and relaxing. I mean, it was everything a summer holiday should be. I even stayed away from social media for the most part, but that was due in part to so many DUMB posts on Facebook about hating on America. You guys only feel that way because the media tells you to. Search your soul, you know it’s true. (That was me addressing my dumb FB friends.)
  • Sorry if you think that is offensive but the longer we go through this presidency, the less upset I am by all this derangement about it. For example, it’s apparently become easier to get kidney transplants under this administration. This is something I found out because I have a co-worker whose husband is on a 4 year wait-list. But does the news point this kind of stuff out? Of course not; it doesn’t fit their narrative.
  • We watched all of Stranger Things season 3 this past weekend and man, by far the best season. I think they finally got the story fleshed out and the character development right. I was unhappy about certain outcomes but hey, I get why things went how they did. It was highly enjoyable though and reminds me why I don’t always watch TV: when we do pick a show and get through it, it’s a lot more satisfying because I’m in it for that thing and that thing only. I can focus on it.
  • Granted, we are also getting through Cobra Kai season 2 but one episode here and there. It’s good too but a little muddled. It wants to do something with a certain aspect but it sort of doesn’t know how to get there without ruining certain elements. I know that’s vague but no spoilers, right?
  • Back to ST3; I know I said this yesterday but Billy and Hopper were on point. I love them both. I don’t know who gave Dacre Montgomery the right to be so pretty but good Lord above, he is.
  • tumblr_7666a70b4c5204afe57a1b420b1fdacf_4d6d11a9_1280
  • Right? Dear Lord, thank you for this.
  • I am basically done with the two major work things I want to complete before putting in my two weeks at the end of the month. I don’t want to mention it to anyone here in case they try to run me out before hand. A part of me doesn’t think they’d be so cruel as to do that but another part of me totally believes they’d do it. They’re low and dirty and cut-throat when they want to be.
  • I was sitting at my desk Monday afternoon, working on some mind-numbing task, when I suddenly had a flash of memory; a random image of Toys R Us in my brain. Isn’t it sad how those are just…gone? Like, a store I frequented just… no longer exists. And yeah, I get that retail is dying and hence, why malls are on the decline but it still shocks me. All the great mall scenes in ST3 really warmed my soul. I just love a mall from the 80s, with all its neon glory.
  • Brew club is Thursday and realizing this was just the exclamation point to the (slow) realization that this month got BUSY! On top of the last weekend that was jam-packed we have: Elliot a sleepover Friday, going to Pensacola over the weekend, then we have a group brew on the 20th along with a surprise 60th party to attend at the Champion’s Club, then the next weekend Isaac has a birthday party, then theย next weekend Dakota goes to her friend’s party – the one who is moving away – AND it is also Dakota’s 6th birthday! Geez, we have stuff going on! Luckily, those weekends are not just stuff for the adults so we have some time to relax and get home stuff done too.
  • OK that’s what I got for ya. I have a bunch of work to do and I need to wrap my brain around it!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – No shame in my game, Stranger Things, Working towards the end

  1. I don’t let TDS bother me. At least not the talking part. The violence part does only because apparently there are so many local officials who are willing to put up with it.

  2. Seems as if I’m going to need to jump on the Stranger Things bandwagon – I see a binge marathon happening in my future! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Did you hear? Toys R Us announced the start of a hoped-for U.S. comeback with the opening in November of two locations in New Jersey and Texas. They plan to open 10 total U.S. stores by the end of 2020 with smaller-format stores. I sure hope one of those will be in my area! ๐Ÿ™‚

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