MMMM + Loooong weekend recap

You guys. YOU GUYS! I had four entire days off from work and man, what a wonderful break. What a much needed mental health escape from everything I have been going through. I am trying not to be bummed about being at work now but honestly, I see that the boon of four days off should make me able to plow through; especially given that I am quitting this MFing job in a couple weeks. For those of you playing along at home, I am 92% certain that all ducks are in a row and I can successfully leave here and work elsewhere.

ANYWAY, let’s recap, shall we? Fun fact: my old department chair, about 3 years ago, used to let us go home early on Summer Fridays. He’d stay and work (because he had to pick up a family member in midtown anyway) and let us enjoy our time. Well, this past Wednesday – the last day we had work – my chair, around 4:25 was like, “Oh, you guys can go. I should have said something earlier.” Um, yeah ya should have! But hey, I cannot complain. I bolted out of here so fast – let me tell you. Once home, I decided it was time to drink some beer and eat some pizza so we went to Momo’s. Note: day one of drinking.

Thursday, Elliot and I went to the Firecracker 5k, which was in the downtown area at a park. I ran it with my friend Carrie and her friend Amanda (hence, our time sucked) but I am glad I did it. It was humid af but it was an ok run. He and I got home a little after 9 and rested a bit before going to the neighbours’ fourth party. We had a good time: swimming, too much food. In the evening, we decided not to go out to watch any fireworks but instead, we watched Independence Day. 

Friday was my morning to myself and I took the kids to camp then went home to clean. I had a to-do list about 7 items deep and got them all done! I was super excited about it. Finished my grocery shopping just before Ash got home. We went for hibachi and beer then decided to go out to McGowan’s for a flight, since his work friends got him a gift card. Feeling pretty full after that but they built a new DQ out there and well, ice cream sounded good. Oh, did I mention that was Ash’s birthday? I wanted it to be a fun time for him. After all the food and beer, we took a nap and were almost late getting the kids! Unlike us; we’re normally super on the ball about it. Anywho, when we were drinking earlier in the afternoon I’d texted my friend Courtney about possibly going bowling. Seemingly all our other friends were on vacation so I figured they might be free. Ended up signing the kids up for this kids bowl free in summer program so it was a bit cheaper. So the five of us, the Allens and our friend, Todd, all went bowling. Oh what a good time! I even won the second game. It was pouring when we got done but everyone came back to our house for a while – a late night!

Saturday, I started off making a huge Thanksgiving meal: turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and cornbread. So good! We did literally nothing in the afternoon other than start on Stranger Things 3. I tell you, my two fave characters were on point this season!



That evening, we drove out to Monticello for food and fireworks and another late night for the kids! Luckily, they all slept in a little on Sunday. I went for a run then got started on laundry. Ash and I ate leftovers and did some home projects and machine-gunned the ST3 episodes, finishing by 11 pm. Yay! I was proud of/happy for myself that I chose not to drink beer either Saturday or Sunday, but I definitely feel like those four days can be summed up as eating/drinking and friends.

All in all, a really great time away; I needed that recharge like whoa.


Ahh a freebie week. So I have been kind of out of the music loop for two reasons: my aux port in the car stopped working and being in this office, I cannot listen to music like I used to. However, I did find this one song that I like:

It’s a bit metal core for my tastes but the chorus is super catchy.

And I’m going to admit that I like a Five Finger Dath Punch song, even though I think this band represents the epitome of d-bag type bros. But damn if I don’t love this song.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Loooong weekend recap

  1. Claire,

    I hope the new job pans out. I know you’re not happy with your current place anymore, so it’s really time for you to go from that place. We began watching Stranger Things this weekend, too. Hopper’s character (David Harbour) really cracked me up this season. I’m with you, he’s one of my favorites on the show. I guess my second favorite might be a tie between Steve (Joe Keery) and Dustin(Gaten Matarazzo). The writers gave them some great lines causing them to shine more in this third year of the series. 5FDP, my son introduced me to years ago and anytime I hear them now I think on those days when he was still at home. I sure do miss those bygone days. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

  2. Happy to know you found another job; guess I missed the news somewhere along the line. I hope it all works out for you. I’m familiar with both these songs from my husband listening to the satellite music station on Sirius XM and, in fact, 5FDP is performing where I live in about 10 days. Both have powerful choruses and I do like a number of Bad Wolves songs (especially their cover of Zombie).

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