MMMM + Today has been odd and yet good

For starters, I had an interview at 8 am. I think it went well! Then I got in and neither my boss nor her little spy are here so hey, what a bonus. I’m also leaving 10 mins early so I can get Elliot to the barber shop.

Had a pretty good weekend. I picked up the kids Friday so that was a nice change. We got in and made dinner then just relaxed. Saturday we did stuff around the house, cleaning and whatnot. Had lunch at Sonny’s and went to Costco. Ended up in the pool for maybe 2 hours after I mowed the back. I felt very productive.

Sunday was some more clean up type work and then we had friends over to swim and chill from about 1-8:30, so all around, a great time! I got a little panicky late last night about this interview so I changed up some of my answers, I dressed better, and I held myself to a higher standard. I honestly think before, I tried to be real cool and relaxed but maybe in that, I didn’t make enough of a case for hiring me. So I took a different approach and maybe this will be what it takes. I need out!


Ok summery songs. I am sure there are plenty but here are my faves.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Today has been odd and yet good

  1. Claire,

    I hope the job interview pans out to be the new one you’re lookin’ for. I know how frustrating it is to be somewhere you don’t want to be for whatever the reason. I like your song picks for this week’s theme. They spark some memories of long ago. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

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