Friday bullets

  • There’s one more week until I get, what I consider to be, a break. My horrible boss won’t be here next Monday – thankfully – but she also will be out the first week of July. That same week, the university is closed both Thursday and Friday. In fact, I’m pretty sure Ash has work that Friday and the kids have camp. It’d actually be really nice to have a day to myself, though also nice if he took the day off with me.
  • I’m getting to a point where I feel like I am WAY behind on house things. Part of it is getting home past 5:30 every day now. Which just sets the tone for my evening. I get home and immediately make dinner for the kids then try to shove food in my own gullet before I need to close my feeding window for fasting. It’s even more exhausting driving at that time, even compared to leaving at 4:30. Though I cannot guarantee that my next job will allow for those work times, I can at least angle for them. Here, it’s been straight rejected.
  • I’m excited about my Monday interview. I’d LOVE to work in the med school. Vastly different than here in English and maybe that’s the change I need! I’m going to be all prepped and read up on their programs too.
  • Actually, what I really need is a vacation. I’ve said it before: once I do get a job and put in my two weeks, I’d love to take 3-4 days of that time off. Just to relax. I feel like I am not getting enough recoup time. Oh what would I do with days off like that? I mean, how would it feel to wake up on, say, a Wednesday, and have it all to myself? OMG, I would love it! I’d take the kids to camp, then maybe sit outside on my deck, eat food, maybe float in the pool. It’s just becoming more and more evident I need a BREAK. I’m giddy just thinking about the possibility but I also cannot get too far ahead of myself.
  • I went to the doctor yesterday about the swallowing issue and I will say, it does seem to be lessening each day, as the Prilosec takes effect. Of course, all my GP did was refer me to the ENT, which I figured would happen. This morning, I was able to cough and spit some of it out a lot easier so maybe I’m on the mend! (I realize that’s gross to talk about but, sorry!)
  • Since I went to the doc at 4:30 yesterday, I got home by 5 and regained that 30 minutes of my life I’d normally spend in traffic. Just hits home the point that I’ve been trying to make, and consequently makes me even more mad at my boss.

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