MMMM + Very busy this weekend!

Man you guys, what a weekend! My hubs took off Friday so i didn’t have to drag kids to work. Well, I woke up feeling subpar that day and luckily, my evil boss who claims to not give two shits about me, noticed and said I could go home. I had a chiro appointment at 11:30 so I stayed until then but I really just felt like garbage. Luckily, I was feeling a little better after getting adjusted and I met the family at hibachi for lunch. We did a pre-father’s day outing because we knew Sunday would be crowded. I needed to eat, most likely so I did feel pretty good after. We took the kids home then Ash and I both took our cars for oil changes. The rest of the day was chill; just some napping and swimming.

Saturday, Koda had a girl scout thing at the museum and they did the adventure thing and zip line. It was their last meeting/outing of the summer. I got her home then hit the store. Ash ordered pizza then we had some time to chill before friends came over to swim. Turns out even more people showed because friends invited friends, which was totally fine by me. After our guests left, we met up with my friend (again) at the FSU intramural fields for a Tallahassee Soccer Club game. They’re a new semi-pro league and it was a lot of fun! Pretty cheap too. Weather was nice so I can’t complain. Kids enjoyed it.

Late night though so everyone slept in Sunday. I was happy for the relaxing. We didn’t do almost anything actually, other than cleaning and hanging out. Well, in the late afternoon I got it in my mind that it was time to get stuff planted around the pool. We have 6 concrete planters and a couple had failing ferns and a few were empty. Koda and I went and got some little hardy plants to replace and now everything looks neat and clean around the pool. The boys were running around the neighborhood with friends until 6:30 then we had breakfast dinner – my favorite!

Today, I walked in feeling ok about work then it went downhill from there. If you’re the praying kind, send happy new job thoughts my way. I thought I was desperate before but it’s reached a whole new level!



Freebie week! I’m going to share the last song that got stuck in my head:

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Very busy this weekend!

  1. Happy new job thoughts on the way. It sounds like you had a good weekend and a pleasant day yesterday, even some digging in the dirt.

    Good to hear Kenny Loggins, and that’s Michael McDonald with him, isn’t it?

  2. I haven’t heard this song in many years, and was amazed I never realized before now that Michael McDonald was doing the background vocals. I hope this song of inspiration inspires you to hang in there until a good job comes your way. There are few things as awful as a job that is falling apart for someone.

  3. Claire,

    I sure will pray about your job situation. Maybe you’ll find something new before the new school year starts up. It’s a shame when a boss or work situation leads to a good employee to discontent. At least you had a nice weekend with an early Father’s Day celebration. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang. Have a boogietastic week, my dearie!

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