Random Tuesday – Desperation sets in

Stacy Uncorked


  • Yesterday, I got another annoying boss email, this one telling me I can’t even begin rearranging my bags and other things prior to 5 o’clock; I have to stay engaged with my computer. Meanwhile, the other employees here are ready and waiting in the main office before 5. Why me? Why does she pick on me? I assume it’s because she felt like she’d been too nice to me Friday by letting me go home when I felt sick. Can you imagine trying to control every minute detail of your employees’ lives? It must be exhausting for her!
  • But, chin up. I have an interview in the med school for a job similar to mine on Monday. The lady on the phone seemed super nice and relieved I could come at 8 am. Here’s hoping that THIS is the one.
  • So I almost always have mucus; post nasal drip. But lately, it’s been awful. I feel like I am constantly swallowing around a lump in my throat. I probably should go to the doctor and figure it out but I have done everything they recommend for this and it only slightly works. Any home remedies aside from spicy things and apple cider vinegar are welcome!
  • So they’re doing drainage work on this one road that heads out of town, in a direction where a lot of people live. Until the end of summer, they’re routing people through my neighborhood. Yesterday, I’d forgotten it started. So see in this photo: I put an arrow where I turned around because that was how far it was backed up. I then went down where the left arrow is and came in the front of my neighborhood instead, which was actually not crowded. But you can see how long that line of bumper to bumper cars was! And it was a LINE all the way until my house and past.back up.PNG
  • I’m going to lunch with my husband today and that makes me happy. One of the only benefits of being forced to take an hour lunch.
  • My boss – I think – gets that I am straight ignoring her from now on. Because she walks down the hall and doesn’t look at me or chat. Good. I hope the message has been sent. Because I am tired of being her whipping boy (girl) and it just gets so tiresome. She needs to know that you can’t treat people that way.
  • Back to the other route driving home. Ash told me about this article he read about how you should choose to drive other ways to get places because your mind gets stuck in a rut when you do the same things over and over. And I can tell this is probably true because the idea of going a different way actually makes me a little excited, silly as that may sound. Though I will have to go to The Publix I Hate, since it’s on the way. It’s always just so crowded and the people who shop there are oblivious to other people!
  • OK all, I worked my ass off this morning and now it’s almost lunch time so peace out!

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