Friday at last and I’m ecstatic!

  • The week began slowly but picked up in terms of actual work tasks. This time of year, it’s sometimes TOO slow and I languish. But with real things to work on, time went quickly and I felt accomplished. But I definitely need this three day weekend.
  • I’ve written about this before but we have FINALLY made it to the next vacation. For us state employees, for Spring semester, we get MLK Jr. day off about a week into the semester – usually mid-January. We don’t get another day off until late May! I know I shouldn’t complain but it just feels like a really long time without any days off. Funny enough, I had an interview at the community college in town and come to find out, they actually get Spring Break off. FSU doesn’t!
  • One of the perks of this intermittent fasting is that I appreciate food so much more, since I only get it during certain times. Also, that first sip of cold beer on a day I allot for it is MAGNIFICENT. We drank Wednesday and it was just so enjoyable.
  • It’s been REALLY hot this week. Last week it topped out in the high 80s but this week, though it says 90/91, the feels like temps were close to 100. next week, actual highs are 97 for four of the days. Ah summer. In May! The beginning of this month, it was still very cool in the AM; like, 50s! Weather is crazy and I understand the old trope of older people talking about the weather. It’s a phenomenon!
  • On Wednesday, my plan had been to swim but as I was driving home, it clouded up and got ugly out. In fact, I went through the briefest of rainstorms. It only occurred for about half a block before abruptly stopping. And it never did get sunny; just sort of a bright haziness later on in the evening, when I didn’t feel like swimming anymore. Now the pool needs to be shocked so we probably need to wait until Saturday.
  • Apropos of absolutely nothing, I realized about myself that I have a bad habit of talking a lot about personal things. Nothing too intimate but like, I probably overshare. For the people who know I have been looking for a new job, I tell them when I get an interview. But this week, I have been doing a very good job of keeping all that to myself. And because I am also slightly superstitious, I feel like in the cosmic scheme of things, this may bode well for me.
  • On that note, I was just about to go into the building for my interview yesterday when I got a call from DOT about the one I applied for last week. I am excited for and really want that one. Pay is spot on, it’s a little more tech involved, but definitely seems like something I can do. So yeah, next Wednesday! I’m on that interview grind right now.
  • I was in a garbage mood this morning but hey, it’s already 2 hours into the work day, I have raspberries, walnuts, and coffee with half and half (my fast just ended) and I need to remember that I’m about to have three entire days off. This will keep me going throughout this day!

2 thoughts on “Friday at last and I’m ecstatic!

  1. Summer rolls in around Memorial Day, no matter what the calendar says. It’s hot here, too, and it doesn’t look like we have any rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future. Stay in and stay cool…

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