Random Tuesday – Long weekend recap and some other random things

Stacy Uncorked


  • Who had a nice 3 day weekend? Me! (raises hand) I did! In fact, with the exception of my oldest being a punk yesterday afternoon, almost the entire weekend was very enjoyable. Friday afternoon we didn’t do much at all, besides working on the pool. Saturday I did things around the house and yard while Elliot mowed in the front. The boys opted for Fortnite instead of going out to lunch so just the three of us went to Lowes, Sonny’s, then Costco. Isaac had a friend over in the afternoon and then we watched Back to the Future part 3.
  • Sunday was beach day! I don’t know why but I had bad sleep the night before; had the same dream over and over that I had forgotten to pack everything. We do this every year so I don’t know why I stressed. The house my friend’s mom rented was super nice and it was great to have a home base. And to have our tents set up a mere twenty feet from said house! I didn’t get too burned, so that’s a bonus. I stopped drinking at the right time so we could drive back. Ended up going home with 5 kids instead of 3. We took both our friends’ boys with us to spend the night so when we got home a little before 9, that was crazy. We let them stay up a while but then everyone was flat out exhausted.
  • Monday morning I made the kids bacon and pancakes and once Robert picked up his boys, I went back to normal stuff: laundry, groceries. For lunch, we grilled bison burgers; had fries and beans. It was a very nice lunch! In the afternoon, I puttered around, did weed killer in the yard, napped a bit, cleaned. The boys got themselves into trouble by being mean to each other and my husband had had enough so he sent them outside for a good long while. I felt kind of bad because it was legit 98 degree out there with a feels like of 103. But they did have the pool and shade. And when they were cleared to come back in, at dinnertime, they had turned their attitudes around.
  • Much like the last week I spent in my long-time office, I am appreciating this week, the last one of 8-4:30 hours. My boss praised me and said I was “really getting on track”. (FYI: I was never off track. She’s just a bitch) But after the complement, she thinks going back to those hours is best. Does that make sense? Nope. BUT, I can do 8-5 for a little while until I get a new job. And let’s pray that one will allow for flexibility. If I end up at DOT, Ash swears everyone is willing to do that. Say a little prayer for me, y’all.
  • I really want to take a vacation and, I think I have said this before, I am hoping to get a job sooner rather than later and at the end of my two weeks, I’d like to take a couple days. How awesome would it be to have just a couple recovery days after leaving a job and before starting one? I do believe things happen when they’re meant to so I am holding out for that. It will come when I need it.
  • Love that today is going kind of quickly. Already ready to be back in my house, back with my family. Guess that’s what a 3 day weekend reminds you!

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