Random Tuesday – Just trying to hold it together

Stacy Uncorked


  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: solo parenting sucks!  Though I really only have 3 nights I have to deal with (mom was here yesterday, Ash comes home Friday) I still hate it. On top of that, both my boys were sick yesterday!
  • Last night was really nice though. My mom and her good friend had been away and were coming through town. They were here around 1 and the boys were starting to feel better so they all hung out until I got home. We had a couple cocktails then went to a sushi place, and that was amazing. Everyone was happy!
  • I started my day in a great mood so that’s a bonus too! I even made an effort to go upstairs and be chatty with my co-workers. I have been hiding out a little too much and since one of them (a lying backstabber) wanted to drag me through the mud last week, I’m putting on my game face and throwing it all back in theirs.
  • I know I mentioned it but Dean, my favorite wrestler, did indeed leave the company. Who knows if he’ll do anything else. I know this is not the biggest deal but I love him and will miss seeing him on TV.tumblr_pqce6gYbFh1uh5e5do1_500
  • That’s good advice, Dean. Thanks!
  • I have applied to probably 12 jobs in the last couple weeks. Lets see if any pan out. I am pretty positive about it; I have some time to bide here anyway.
  • I think I need to find something to occupy myself with during this trying time at work. It’s usually music but maybe I need some kind of project. Suggestions welcome.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Just trying to hold it together

  1. I wouldn’t know one wrestler from another, Tim would though as he likes wrestling
    Two of my daughters are solo parents, it’s hard but rewarding also.
    My mum often felt like a solo parent as dad was often gone for two,three or sometimes four days at a time with work.

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