MMMM + New outlook… until it crashes again

If you read my Friday post, you know that work is getting worse and worse BUT I am trying to be super positive. I was thinking this morning on my way in – after having to leave my two boys semi-sick at home – about that phrase people like to say: “God doesn’t throw any more at you than you can handle.” While that is a little reassuring, it’s also rough when you think, ‘This is pretty damn hard; he thinks I got this?’

I mean, I want to quit my job, I’ve got two sick kids, a husband out of town, and m favorite wrestler retired. Come on, world, what gives?

I guess in the grand scheme of things, I’ve had it pretty easy for a while. And by that I mean, things are relatively stable. I set my life up for that exact thing. Sure, crazy things happen here but nothing I can’t fix or at least abate. So if things become a little mixed up from time to time, I know I can handle it. It just always feels like such turmoil when you’re going through it.

But my weekend was really nice in terms of forgetting about all this trash. Friday night we just hung out. On Saturday, Ash and I got some things done in the yard and in our garage. We went to lunch and in the afternoon, Elliot went to a friend’s house. I got to sit out in the sun for a while and I really needed that relaxation. Plus, sitting in the sun helps me to recharge. Sunday was a lot more relaxing: egg hunt for the kids in the am in our yard, some candy, then general fun. We went to the playground and rode scooters/bikes around the paths too. The boys hung out with friends and we rested. I made spaghetti and though some of my family didn’t feel well (and don’t today) it was still very nice.


Man, I usually love a freebie week but I have to tell you that since all this work strife, I haven’t been able to sink myself into any music lately. It sucks because I love it too. Anyway, I think I will share a couple songs that just came to mind. Subvision was Tobias Forge’s band before Ghost. It’s way different than Ghost but kind of fun.

Here’s a guy who plays guitar for a band called The Haunted and this is his new solo stuff. Sometimes I appreciate instrumental.s

9 thoughts on “MMMM + New outlook… until it crashes again

  1. Well, I must admit life does suck many more times then some… but eventually it’ll work itself out. Your tunes…. well,, what can I say you have rocked the house. Have a good night. hugs

  2. Claire,

    It’s not easy going through difficulties and it takes every bit of faith that God will see us through the mess or that He has it all under control but in the end, we do see the truth. Hopefully, life will settle down for you to enjoy things again. I hope the boys feel better soon and that work improves. I assume you’re an instructor since you work at a school. Have you considered teaching online from the comfort of your home? I wish I had a degree or experience where I could earn money online. That would be so awesome! Thanks for sharing your choice song picks. Both tracks are new-to-me. 🙂 Have a songsational week, dearie!

    1. I do in fact teach online on top of my normal job but it isn’t really enough money for all the bills. I am considering all sorts of jobs now that I’m trying to get out, that’s for sure! Thanks for the positive vibes!

  3. I sure hope things go in an upward swing for you soon, and that you don’t get stuck in the quagmire! Thanks for the introduction on the new to me tunes, and thanks for the dance! 🙂

  4. I apologize; I am having internet problems where I am and can not get the second video to load at all (just get error messages) I was only able to listen to about the first five seconds of the first video. I do hope your job problems get resolved.

  5. Well, after a couple of days – I have internet again! So I am finally hear listening to your videos (they both loaded and played fine). Two new musicians to me. I enjoyed the instrumental second video – sometimes it seems they don’t make them the way they used to but it was nice hearing the various changes in tempo and that guitar. Hope you had a good week.

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