Random Tuesday – In a funk, what is normal, GET ME A NEW JOB!

Stacy Uncorked


  • We spent so much time planning and getting ready for the party this past weekend that I now struggle with getting back on track.  Like, every single weekend involved tasks for the party: yard work, putting up lights, making the back yard pretty. And now that it’s over, what is my motivation? I guess I will focus on getting the pool ready because I am ready for swimming.
  • Actually, if it is sunny this weekend, the warmth has returned and I kind of want to lay out. I haven’t done that in a good long while and I need that Vitamin D.
  • I am sad today because my favorite wrestler is leaving. It may not be forever but he’s definitely going. So many of us hoped it was just some elaborate story but no, he did a little farewell thing last night after the cameras turned off. Sigh. Always something.
  • My husband is still in immense pain, though he did go to work today. I think it’s a little stupid telling people what happened because their response is inevitably, well, that’s what happens when people drink but honestly, no one else was acting that way. Just the one friend who wanted to throw everyone in the pool. I think we all know that ONE person, don’t we? The one who will inevitably do the dumb thing?
  •  It is neither cold nor hot today and yet, my building is freezing. I dressed for early Spring in Florida and now I am shivering. Luckily I have a small heater in my office now.
  • I was so super hungry yesterday that when I got home, I had 4 wings, then I heated up some leftover Hungarian chicken and noodles, then I had a piece of cake. Also, I felt like total trash about an hour later.
  • Today, I am also seemingly very hungry. It’s problematic because I need to get back on that healthy eating train and also, start running again. I ignored it the majority of last week but really, I need to.
  • Today has been garbage already and it’s nothing new; it’s problems that always arise but the difference now is the way others handle it. There’s no, “Ok, we messed this up, let’s work together to fix it.” Now it is, “here’s your write-up and now I’ll fix it.” I hate this place!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – In a funk, what is normal, GET ME A NEW JOB!

  1. Oh man! I sure hope you find a job you love soooooon. Working in that kind of volatile situation would be so frustrating.

    Hopefully Ash’s ribs heal quickly – totally get the judgemental people that would assume drinking had something to do with it, but yeah, I’ve known that ONE person who it wouldn’t matter if they were drinking or not, they’d still make something like bruised ribs happen. Poor Ash!

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