MMMM + Glad that’s over

Are you ready? Are you ready for the birthday party weekend recap??

Oh Lordy, here we go. So I left on time Friday because, as is usual, my office manager works right up until time and sent me a job at 4:26 – 4 minutes before I leave. I stopped by the grocery store and upon arrival at my house, started working on inside cleaning. It was rainy so it was all we could do anyway. Oh no, wait, Ash and I went up to the two places we were ordering party food from and put in said orders. We then swung by the brewery for the last keg (and a beer) and THEN I got to work cleaning. I was pretty happy with the progress we’d made.

Saturday morning I started right in on sweeping and washing floors, washing, last minute tidying. Ash and I made a Costco run and soon after my mom and dad got in and then after them, my sister and her boyfriend. Everything was crazy for a while there with doing all that last minute stuff. I can’t even remember the details but by 4 people started showing up and it was insanity until midnight. It seemed like everyone had a really good time. Though we had a lot of pizza left, the wings were almost gone and the beer too. Two things of note happened: kids got in the pool, for one. Which was fun and funny. Luckily, it wasn’t TOO awfully cold. Then, one of Ash’s friends tried to throw him in but Ash fought him and in their scuffle, his friend basically tackled him to the concrete pool surround and bruised his ribs and scraped his arm pretty badly. The ribs were bad enough he went to the urgent care on Sunday. Just bruised, thankfully, but he cannot sleep well because of the pressure. We’re treating with heat/ice and ibuprofen though.

ANYway, the last few people left around 12 and I put away pizza and a few other things before dragging myself to bed. I didn’t drink TOO much but I definitely didn’t sleep well. Luckily I woke up feeling good. We eased into the day, had big breakfast, then puttered around cleaning and stuff. We spent a good amount of time outside, just chatting. Overall, it was a nice recovery day. We went out for Mexican and then sat around all evening. We did watch most of Wrestlemania, so that was nice, for me anyway. This weekend was all about me and I loved and I am glad it is over!

Back to the office and semi-disgruntled. My family were all meeting for breakfast but I didn’t feel like I could ask for the time, since my office manager warned me about that kind of thing. She is so damned controlling, I am aggressively seeking new employment. Before it was a little casual, but now it is imminent.



OK, freebie week. Let’s do this.

A band I only recently discovered, Whitechapel, put out an album last week and this is one of the better songs off of it.


8 thoughts on “MMMM + Glad that’s over

  1. Claire,

    This is totally off the mark to your post but I was wondering, can you offer advice on inground pools. We’re not seeking to by a home with a pool but some of the homes we’re looking at might have them. Recently we’ve come across one stating its a saltwater pool. What’s the difference in saltwater pool vs chlorinated water pools (typical type)?

    Your weekends are always so busy but at least you find time to enjoy with your family. I love pizza! We usually have it on the weekends while we watch movies. It’s a great way to unwind. Thanks for the introduction of your new band discovery with the 4M gang. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

    1. Saltwater just means you pour salt crystals in there instead of liquid chemicals. Your filter converts the salt into chlorine. Personally, the heavier bags are still easier to manage – and cleaner/less messy – than liquid chemicals. I also recommend getting one that does NOT have a liner. Ours is still good but they need to be replaced about every 10 years.

  2. Great tune! Hubby loved the guitar roll in it. I thought it was really different! Your weekend was sure full I have to agree. Birthday party huh? Plus pool already??? Dang, girl sure must be warm by you. I wish we had one. I’d put up with a hot tub for us would be awesome! Especially with all our problems. Anyway thanks for sharing your weekend and now back to the grind huh? I remember those and I’m so glad I’m retired. When you get here you’ll love it I’m sure! Hugs and have a great week so you can rest up for the weekend. ~hehehe~

  3. I am sorry about your boss, I hope that you can find a new job or find a balance in your relationship with your boss soon. I love “Hickory Creek” because I am so into this kind of rock. And, the vocals remind me of a slightly lower version of Panic! at the Disco’s vocalist. I added it to my Spotify playlist!

  4. Ugh! Your boss sounds like a piece of work. :/ Hopefully you find new employment soon so you don’t have to deal with that anymore!

    Sorry about Ash’s ribs – glad they were only bruised, not cracked or broken. Sounds like a wild good time at the party, though! 😉

    Great song choice – thanks for the introduction! 🙂

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