Random Tuesday – This post has taken me all day to craft

Stacy Uncorked


  • Verizon was having texting issues this morning and it was super annoying not being able to tell my husband that I have both a tail and headlight out. LOL. Luckily it is fixed now and I could complain. I just ordered the bulbs and can fix by Thursday.
  • I’m feeling slightly better about work today. I’m now operating under the idea I will eventually leave and it’s nice. I’m applying for jobs, doing the best I can here, and just living in the moment.
  • Not gonna lie: doing a different yoga work out each day has also helped. Mondays are slow and stretchy, Tuesdays are 15 minute burn, Wednesdays are hip stretching, Thursdays are more full body stretching, then I end Friday with that slow stretch again, focusing on neck and shoulders. I love having a plan.
  • The first half of my new favorite band’s Euro tour is over. Which means they will head to N. America. I am hoping that also means we’ll soon know more dates. Like I said before, the furthest south they go is, I think, Virginia. The entire southeast region is being neglected. I wonder what it’s like being the booking manager and deciding where to travel to.
  • I got a text from my friend Sarah last night in response to something I’d asked her a couple weeks ago. LOL. Nothing important; just her son’s gamer tag on Xbox so he and Ell could play Fortnite. But she said she remembered when they drove by the house. Then she asked if Ell wanted to hang out with Gavin this weekend. And I realized how awesome it is that our new neighborhood has so many kids. In the old one, even though we were only a mile from the school, there was really only one kid for him to be friends with. In this one, he has a friend directly next door, two around the corner, a couple down the road, and then Gavin is just about 3/4 of a mile away. I remember hanging out with all kinds of neighborhood kids when I was young and that sort of freedom to roam around really shaped me.
  • I’m getting into that beach frame of mind. It’s not QUITE warm enough yet and we have a lot of stuff coming up that means we won’t be able to go. But man, am I ever ready to lay out in the sun and listen to the waves.
  • It’s now 3:22 and my brain has decided that I no longer need to think or contribute to work. So, think I’ll write some fiction for a bit then head out!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – This post has taken me all day to craft

  1. A few weeks ago my sister & daughter had a problem with Vodafone their mobile phone company not being able to ring or receive calls so frustrating.

    Growing up I had friends in my street and my daughters had friends in the complex we live in, although Jessica had this one friend that at times annoyed her so much she would tell her she was grounded and couldn’t go out to play

    1. Ha, sometimes my son does that. He has one friend he likes but the kid annoys him so he’ll ask me to tell him my son is sick or something. I never let him off the hook – he needs to say so himself!

  2. Don’t you hate it when texting is acting wonky when you NEED to text someone something important? Especially when it’s a headlight and taillight being out. 🙂 Glad you got them fixed!

    Here’s hoping your dream job comes along soon – so you can bid farewell to the non-dream job.

    One regret I have is the first house we bought (when Princess Nagger was 6-months old) wasn’t in a suburb, but a rural area on a busy road – with no young kids her age in the area. It would have been cool to lived in an area, or at least a suburban-type neighborhood with kids her age so she could have a plethora of friends to hang out with on any given day. I remember running around having fun with kids in the neighborhood I grew up in – very cool that your kids have that option. 🙂

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