MMMM + Lift my burdens, set me free

Whew, what a weekend. We were BUSY!  Ok, so Friday SUCKED. No details; suffice to say I am very ready to leave this job. When I got home, Ash had gone to a local growler place with a friend and brought back this great beer (Half Acre Dungeons) and we sat on the back deck and relaxed. I needed that, honestly.  Elliot’s friend came over and then his parents invited him to dinner with them. So the rest of us went out for Mexican, which was really nice. I fell asleep promptly after we got home, of course. Mentally exhausted

Saturday morning was a bit leisurely: big breakfast then starting on some yard work. I got most of it done but ran out of trash bags. We had lunch then 4 of us went out to look at sofas and then to a birthday party at the park for one of Dakota’s friends. Meanwhile, Elliot went to the skating rink with a friend. Funny to me how teens/pre-teens still do that. In a technological world, they still do the funky chicken on roller skates. After cleaning out brewing equipment, we were pretty low-key that evening, which was much appreciated.

Sunday was more work: a crappy run in the humidity that left me gasping for air, then we got started on brewing a new beer. Well no, I went to the store and then we started. Finished around 2ish but between laundry and other cleaning and cooking, it felt like a very long and tiring day!


Work continues to be a major pain in my ass. I am very hopeful I will find a new job and in some ways, it’s a very freeing thought. I continue to do good work but all with the idea in the back of my head I won’t always be here.

So, in order to calm myself during these stressful times, I am back to listening to vaporwave, which this post describes perfectly!


10 thoughts on “MMMM + Lift my burdens, set me free

  1. I really liked these two songs. I’ll have to seek out more Luxury Elite.

    I wish I had done much more job-changing than I did. Good luck in your search, and keep telling yourself it’s only temporary.

  2. Claire,

    Sorry to hear about work stress but am glad you found some downtime to unwind on the dance floor. Thanks for introducing me two new songs. Have a boogietastic week!

  3. A job you hate is the worst, it destroys you inside – I hope you can escape soon! Vaperwave is a new one to me and I love when I learn something new. The music is calming but I like the vaperwave art even more (I looked at some online examples.)

  4. Being at a job you hate is really exhausting – both mentally and physically. Hopefully your job search results in something fabulous soon!!! Thanks for the introduction to these new to me tunes! I really enjoyed them! Thanks for the dance! Hope this week goes better for you.

  5. Girlfriend, I can tell you that ….. I have no idea why this popped up, but evidently I didn’t finish my comment for some reason, so are you still working? What do you do anyways… Hope all is healthy & your family/relatives! God bless and you & yours are always in my prayers. HUGS

    1. John Holton did a pingback and that’s why it showed up. LOL. Anyway, yes I am totally still working and I teach online. I work at 3 different colleges so the work never really stops!

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