A rainy Veteran’s Day (observed)

We are in Pensacola for the time being – heading out after breakfast – and a huge storm is moving in. It had been very nice though, both here and at home. To back  track…

I came back from vacation with my cough having worsened and by Friday, I was actually ill. Before, I had to hack and cough a lot but felt ok. By Friday, I just wanted to lay down. I watched the kids walk to the bus, took Ell early to school to make up  a test, then I got in bed. But I couldn’t sleep – I just felt like garbage. I ended up meeting Ash for lunch – the spicy  Mexican food helped me breathe actually – then we came home to rest. It was a legit sick day for me. Saturday I felt much better, though the cough and congestion still lingers. We ate breakfast and I packed, then Elliot had a make up football game. Right after, we ate lunch then got on the road to my parents’.

Once here, Ash and I went to get our race packets and I got to relax before dinner. Sunday morning, we woke at 5  (technically I got up at 4 to take the dog out because he  doesn’t know how to adjust to Central time zone) and then we all got up at 5 for the race. By 6, we were at Veterans Memorial Park for the Pensacola Marathon, half and 5 k. Ell and I ran the 5 – he did pretty well too: 22nd overall and 3rd in 15 and under division – and I did awful: 33 mins. I did a great 2 miles then fell off due to hacking and coughing. Ell and I partook in the cool little expo after – food, drinks, massages – until Ash finished the half.

It was nice to have a ride to and from. Overall, a good course. I would have done better were it not for the illness. For lunch/football, we went to Twin Peaks and I had amazing breakfast tacos.  The afternoon and evening were mostly eating and napping and I cannot complain! We have to drive home this morning (and do laundry and clean) so that’s no fun but this is the end of traveling for  a little while.



It is dark, cold and dreary so here: 10 hours of cozy fireplace jazz. LOL.

5 thoughts on “A rainy Veteran’s Day (observed)

  1. Claire,

    It’s awful being sick, isn’t it? I hope you’re feeling better today. Beautiful mewsic! The photo in the video makes me want to curl up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa. I can’t believe it’s almost mid-November and next week is THANKSGIVING! Holy Moly, the year is fleeting by! There are many things this year I’m glad to see come to an end and then I don’t like how time gets away from me. Thanks for joining us on the dance floor. Have a pAwesome week, my friend!

  2. Just started listening to your selection, because it’s cold and rainy here in the Atlanta metro. They go very well together…

    Take care of your cold. Mexican food has lots of peppers in it, and the capsaicin is good for inflammation, not to mention how it clears your sinuses.

  3. Oh hahaha I guess I’ll have to agree with John there to help get you better, and getting a big cozy blanket and socks with feet by the fire is an awesome idea. It too is very cold here, but no rain as of yet. There’s still snow on the ground here because of the cold. Have a rockin’ week and stay warm.

  4. It’s snowing where I live in New York; the end of foliage season and the beginning of a new season. This is a season of sickness and I’m sorry the bug found you. Yes, time for a cozy blanket and some relaxing jazz – except that I have to go to work now. Have a great week!

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