Can I get a little time to… relax?

Seriously, even on nights we don’t have too much going on, I feel pressed for down time.

Yesterday, I didn’t leave until 4:55 and I wasn’t home until 5:45! I had to go to the store and since I left at that time, I was in traffic for quite a while. Sometimes I don’t mind it; I put on some of Metallica’s longer cover songs and just space out. Elliot had practice and I both made dinner and went for a run. I’d taken a short break because I bruised the top of my foot and it made even walking painful.

Today is some mind-numbing data entry for textbooks. I’m juggling about 400 sections of English courses right now – their meeting times and days, room assignments, textbooks, and caps. THEN, I get an email from my department chair which essentially says I cannot do my online class work while at work, since it is a separate assignment from my 40 hour/week job here. Fuck that. I can manage myself, thanks. This comes on the heels of my office manager telling me I HAVE to take lunch. I eat, I just don’t leave for an hour. I have zero need to do that AND I find it is more difficult to pick up where I left off if I do that. Well, I can tell you this: they keep micro-managing me, I will start looking for another job.

I just cannot stand when people get hardcore about that stuff. I have been working here A LONG time; I know how to balance my time, ok? OK – letting it go. I will abide by the rules and keep my mouth shut/head down. But you best believe I’ll have words for them when I finally do leave.

Damn. I was in such a good mood too.

But now I just have a very large and emphatic middle finger for, well, everyone.

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