MMMM + Another full weekend; sigh

As always, we’ve been busy. Can’t complain really. I like staying busy. But I am maybe busier than I would like.

So anyway, I took a sick day Friday. I was having major stomach issues which made me late even dropping Elliot off for practice. Then there was an accident on the two lane road away from his school that made me even later, and to boot, I had to run back to the house for additional stomach problems so I just called out. It kind of worked though; I got to take care of myself. Ash got home for our normal half day and we took it easy on lunch. Then we got his oil changed and did a bit of shopping before going home to nap. I appreciate that we didn’t do anything at all that night, for Saturday brought a lot of craziness.

The boys had 8:30 and 9:30 games (both teams won!) and then I took Dakota straight onto a classmate’s party at the trampoline place. Turns out that one of her friends in there is the little brother of a kid Elliot knows and the mom is a good friend of one of my friends. Then another little girl’s mom was Isaac’s kindergarten teacher at the other school! Crazy. I had about 40 mins to relax before going back out to get Isaac from a party, then I ran and cleaned the pool, and went to the store before making spaghetti. Very tired that night!

Sunday, I woke up at 5:15 and couldn’t get back to sleep so I went ahead and got up. The quiet hours while I drink my coffee and prepare for the day are the best. I got all ready for my run and even headed out before actual sunrise. It was not an easy six miles, which is weird because I have run 6 the last 3 weeks. Oh well. It was done, thankfully. I started laundry then Ash and I went to a place to watch football. We’re trying to find the perfect one: at least 10 TVS, good food, decent beer prices, no smoking. The place we checked out yesterday hit most of the boxes. Service was decent, ok prices, good TVs. They allow vaping inside which doesn’t bother me but irritates my husband. He hates sweet smells!

Pretty much just hung out in the afternoon. I was still not feeling 100% so I tried my best to get myself on track. One thing I did do was set up some Halloween decor. I should have taken pictures but then it rained!



Looks like it is a freebie week so I’m going to pull out just one instrumental here. It’s a Metallica song. In light of the recent anniversary of Cliff Burton’s death, we’ll pick Orion.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Another full weekend; sigh

  1. Claire,

    Oh, those tummy problems! I hope you’re feeling better now. I prefer keeping busy. It keeps me distracted, maybe sometimes a bit too distracted, but it’s better than having idle time on my hands. Metallica is a bit heavy for me this early in the morning. My coffee hasn’t kicked in completely yet. 🙂 It was great having you on the dance floor, though. Here’s hoping your week is a pAwesome one!

  2. In my opinion, Metallica’s earlier albums were their very best. I consider myself lucky to have been able to see them with Cliff Burton before his death – I saw them on tour with Ozzy Osbourne in May 1986.

    Take care of yourself! Sounds like you have had one busy week; hopefully this one is calm for you.

  3. Wow, all these deaths in Rock ‘n Roll this week!
    That was a good instrumental by Metallica. It’s kinda rare, rock instrumentals…
    Thanks for sharing.

    Michele at Angels Bark

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