Beatings will continue until…

…morale improves. Or so the saying goes.

Over my twelve years as an employee here, this has happened only a handful of times:  the powers that be get word from on high that they aren’t *quite* following procedures and then they pass along to us to get our acts together. Then that blows over and we go back to being relaxed. It always bothers me because one thing we’re supposed to do or not do makes it feel like ever single thing is on lock-down.

Oh and it just gets better. Last Tuesday I was a little late because I was hanging back with a kid having issues getting off his feet in the AM. A little ill but then good to go. Then I had to pick him up early. I relayed this to a couple people but apparently not the right people. So they are making me take leave without pay with the threat of disciplinary action if done again. WOW. Just… wow. I have been here since the fall of 2006 and no one has ever been THIS strict. I know these are rules – government rules, university rules. But oh my god, people. Boy, it’s just a shame. This is really on top of a general discomfort working with some professors and my overall irritation with this place.

I have spoken to a couple people here who understand my plight and definitely feel better. Sometimes you need a wake-up call to remind you to follow protocol as to not get in trouble. I guess I just slipped up. Sigh.


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