Minutiae of life – Wednesday evening

Last night was weird. I had to get the kids because the electricians weren’t quite done with the new water heater. We went tankless, so there’s a lot more computer aspects running the show. Plus, since we have gas appliances, they had to put regulators on all of them. Anyway, it’s nice to have something new in that aspect; not having to worry too much about that. I also got to reclaim the space in my laundry room where the old tank had been.

But anyway, got home and they were still working on it so we had to deal with that and then I went to the grocery store. I also picked up food for Ash because though he was home with workmen all day, he somehow managed not to eat. He’s like that though; it won’t even cross his mind if he’s busy but at some point, he’ll realize he’s starving. I am so not like that. I can ignore hunger if I need to but the gnawing pain in my stomach is sure to remind me!

So I picked up Chipotle for us – because their food is a-mazing – but of course, then I was super full. However, I rallied and swept floors (workmens’ shoes leave a mess) AND mopped. Then I put stuff back into the utility room where they’d been working and THEN I got in a 2.5 mile run. I didn’t leave until almost 8 but I tell you, that is definitely the time to run in the summer. Was it less humid? Certainly not. But it wasn’t blazing out. In fact, it was quite pleasant. The sky was the faintest blue, dotted with very fluffy clouds transitioning into wispy ones. To my left was an orangey yellow sunset and above, the endless blue. I didn’t even struggle too much with hills and I think it’s a testament to the timing. Today is swim day but Friday, I will probably plan to run late again. I love the light sticking around later in the summer.


One thought on “Minutiae of life – Wednesday evening

  1. Hot water systems! Seems to be something in the air! Only ours was the entire hot water heating system! Eeeek! The water tank and furnace are fine, but the electronic digital panel and all our thermostats needed to be replaced! Double Eeeek! They’ve been working three days and have one more day to go. I don’t even want to think about the bill!
    I’m actually cooking Schnitzel tonight!

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