Wednesday ‘podge – Summertime has been HERE!

Oh yeah, in Florida we’re in Summer most of the year. But let’s talk about it anyway.


1. Summer is upon us this week in the Northern hemisphere. Tell us three things on your summer bucket list.

Easy! 1.) Get to the Beach. We’re going on the last Saturday of June and I hope to get a couple other trips in before we go back to school. 2.) Shoot fireworks. We’ll be doing something for the fourth, whether it be at our friend’s property or local. 3.) Go to Wild Adventures Water Park. I enjoyed it when we went a couple weeks ago but we only spent maybe an hour in that portion. I’m going to save my money and try to get us there one of these weekends.

2. Something fun you used to do as a kid in the summertime?

I always enjoyed swim lessons.

3. Rooftop or backyard? Why?

Backyard for sure! As  kid, I had a huge backyard and wonderful grass and trees. It’s a great place to relax and get away. I am sure if I lived in a city, in the concrete jungle, I’d want to find a rooftop area to escape to.

4. Do you read food labels? Place importance on them? Make an effort to find out/care about where your food comes from?

I do, but for the most part, I buy the same old stuff and I have gotten to a point where I know that most of my processed/packaged foods are either good for you or not. And I typically avoid very bad foods anyway.

5. A song you’ll have on repeat this summer?

There’s no new songs I’m really feeling right now but after the Fleetwood Mac channel on XM went away, the No Shoes radio station showed up so anything Kenny Chesney factors into my Summer listening.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Having my boys here in the office this week has been a hundred times better than years past. And you know what this demonstrates? That no, they won’t be little immature kids forever. They grow up and figure out how to handle situations. No one wants to sit all day at mom and dad’s work but they took it like real champs.

But for me, it was more stressful because not only am I wearing my work hat but also my mom hat. It is mentally exhausting to be “on” on both those fronts at the same time.

When we get home, I want to be alone but I have to keep my head up, make dinner, and do all the other house things like laundry and taking care of the pool. BUT, my husband comes home this evening and we can ease back into normality!



9 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – Summertime has been HERE!

  1. Kenny always has the right idea…I love his “All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan.” He’s thinking beach and sand in December! I do love the beach. I miss it so much since we no longer live in Florida.

    Parenting is definitely exhausting and overwhelming work. But you are right, the kids grow up and are not immature forever.

    You there in Florida don’t have the super long hours of daylight that we do here in Idaho. And, of course, we don’t have the length of daylight that Alaska does now. I was in Florida just 2 weeks ago, and I remarked at 8:45 that it was already dark, whereas here in Boise, it wouldn’t be dark for almost 2 more hours.

    Thanks for stopping by my Hodgepodge.

  2. I imagine taking your kids to work would be difficult. My hubby is a pastor and when our girls were little, he would take them to work during the week with him. I know it was hard for him sometimes. But he persevered. lol

  3. What I like about summer is no shoes, tee shirts and shorts but right now I am in track pants, long sleeve tops and socks as it is pretty cold here.

    Can’t imagine taking your kids to work

  4. My hat’s off to you for taking your kids to work all week. I didn’t work when my kids were small and took them virtually everywhere with me, but I can’t imagine doing that no matter how well behaved they are.

    Another great summer song choice!

  5. Yep taking your kids to work must have been a challenge but I’m sure you were up for it. Living in the city it’s relatively easy to find green space but it doesn’t compare to woods and fields.

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