Random Tuesday – the craziness continues

Stacy Uncorked


  • Getting older is weird. One day you feel pretty good and the next, you have odd issues. This morning I found a shockingly white hair. Then, my left hip clicks each time I step. It doesn’t hurt but the sound sort of bothers me. On that note, I think the clicking means something is out of place and it’s causing some circulation issues. I probably need to do some yoga.
  • I really enjoyed the beer I picked up from one of our local brewery this weekend. I got a 64 ounce growler but in order to drink it before it went bad, I spent both Saturday and Sunday working on it. Hence, my plan this week is to eat fruit and drink a lot of water. I just feel like I need to; I need a detox!
  • Get this: a friend of mine at work told me how he and his wife were hanging out with another of our co-workers and that person told them that although she liked them as people, she was going to have to see them less because she needed more people from different ethnic backgrounds in her life. I think we’re going a little overboard with how much we’re pushing diversity. Like, you don’t have to actively seek it; you aren’t checking off boxes of various people you’ve befriended in your life – there’s no award for that!
  • I think there’s a family of squirrels living under this metal bucket the previous owners left behind my shed. I almost want to turn it over and look but when I was out by the pump yesterday, they scattered out of there – maybe 6 of them – then stared at me with those dead beady eyes from the nearby tree. I think I should probably just leave them alone. I told Ash and his response was, “As long as they eat mosquitoes.” LOL. We joke that if the critter is helping, it can stay.
  • This morning, after we dropped off Koda, we went back out to Elliot’s soon-to-be middle school toΒ finally drop off his electives preference sheet and his teacher core class rec sheet. I have been sitting on it for weeks but never did it! So nice to get that off my mind. I do still need to swing by the new elementary school for paperwork but I think we’ll plan that for tomorrow: this morning was crazy once we got to campus because I thought I’d lost my master key! Which would mean they’d have to re-key the entire building to the tune of 40 grand. Luckily, it had somehow fallen off into my work bag. Thank God!! Crisis averted. Someone IS watching over me.
  • I’ve made it three whole days with my husband gone; just two more to go. He’ll be home by dinner tomorrow. I always feel like such a heel complaining because I know people who have husbands in the military and they’re away for months, even years. And here I am pathetic because five days is rough. I guess if you’ve been with someone a while you rely on them a little too much. What I realize is I just don’t like instability in my life. But hey, who does, right??

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – the craziness continues

  1. With you 100% on bullet #3. You pick friends because you like them, not because there’s some imaginary set you’re collecting like with baseball cards or Beanie Babies. What a terrible thing to tell someone, “I’d be your friend, but I already have a white Catholic heterosexual woman.”

  2. Oh my goodness! If someone told me that they should see less of me because they were seeking more ethnic diversity, well, after I threw up on them, I would tell them they won’t be having that problem. Take my number off their rather reverse discrimination list! That’s horrible! I take my friends as I find them. Black, White, Asian, etc!

    1. Right? I don’t usually think about the person as anything other than someone I get along with. I’m really sorry that people are doing this now. How insane!

  3. OMG! That’s so funny! Your very first sentence is exactly what the hubby said the other day! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I love that you got a 64 ounce growler that you *had* to make sure to drink quickly so it wouldn’t go bad – you are one smart cookie! πŸ˜‰

    Wow – the people dissing friends because they need to pick more diverse friends are soon going to find themselves without any friends at all! Sheesh!!

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