MMMM + Solo parenting weekend done; 3 days to go

Last night, I went to finish grading some papers and I realized my laptop had a major windows update. While I waited for it to finish, I totally fell asleep! So I had to rush to finish that up this morning (my deadline is Sunday by midnight.) This is a good example of my life the past two days; I am discombobulated.

Ash left Saturday morning around nine but we did have big breakfast and he showed me the ins and outs of backwashing the pool. The kids and I cleaned and hung out until lunchtime when we went to Publix. I went to the pool store because it was so cloudy, I knew it needed something. Turned out to be phosphate remover. So I basically messed with that all day. In the late afternoon, the kids were getting a little punchy so we walked around Target and then came home to make burgers. I couldn’t sleep, as usual when Ash is gone, so one bad night of sleep down.

Sunday, Todd woke me up at 6 and I was SO tired that I went back to sleep until 8 when Dakota came in asking if I was going to make breakfast. We had smoothies then I got started on laundry and cleaning. I had invited some friends over to swim in the afternoon; one had replied so I was tidying up knowing they would be over about 1. While outside doing pool stuff, I also decided to mow and by the time I was done, I only had an hour left. Funny though; since I was outside, the kids took charge and made themselves lunch. I was pretty proud. Courtney and Robert and their two boys came around 1 and everyone started swimming. Weather stayed nice too! Tiffanie, her two kids, and a cousin showed a little later and everyone had a good time. They stayed about an hour or so after Courtney left and by the time I got back inside to serve up the kahlua pork I’d made in the crockpot, I was DONE. As in, worn out. Between the housework, mowing, the sun, and the beer, I was exhausted.

Everyone loved the pork and then the evening was chill. Sadly, I didn’t sleep well again (think I had a minor sunburn so I was uncomfortable and hot) so it was rough waking up today. Somehow though, when I am at my wit’s end, I am extra patient. Makes no sense, I realize, but this morning was a bit more organized because I got up and started helping get their lunches ready and I didn’t even get mad when the boys whined about having to be in my office. We’re taking this camp session off to save money!



TV/Movie themes specifically from your childhood!

I know we’ve done this one before so I will try to pick ones I probably didn’t pick before.

Punky Brewster!

Perfect Strangers!


9 thoughts on “MMMM + Solo parenting weekend done; 3 days to go

  1. You took your kids to Publix on a Saturday afternoon? You’re a brave woman…

    I never watched “Punky Brewster,” but I never missed “Perfect Strangers” or its spinoff, “Family Matters.” Interesting you picked two shows based in Chicago… Good picks!

  2. Claire,

    I have to agree with John, you’re a brave woman to go the grocery store on a Saturday with kids in toll. I don’t know how Publix stores are there but here the aisles are so narrow and it doesn’t take much of them to become too congested. I don’t like being crowded. I will just about anything have a root canal, clean the toilet, remove bubblegum from my shoe, …. then to go to the store on Saturday. I remember both of these shows. I don’t think I ever watched “Punky Brewster” but I do recall catching a few episodes of “Perfect Strangers” and that might have been after I left the workforce in 1988 to be a full-time mom. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  3. Where I live, for some reason, the really major shopping day seems to be Sunday but you wouldn’t want to dare Saturday, either. Both of these shows were way past my childhood, but when I saw the intro to Punky Brewster, I thought it was so sweet, I want to learn more about that show. And I did. Now, that’s a successful opening!

  4. I never watched Punky Brewster or Perfect Strangers but it seems that folks’ comments are favorable for that show (Perfect Strangers). I may have to check into that one.
    Hope you’re having a good weekend,

    Michele at Angels Bark

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