Thursday 13 – Back to this meme

Been a minute since I chose to participate but I wanted to do a little bit of writing and reminiscing so I think I shall pick 13 summer-like things I keep thinking about. (Some are childhood memories and some represent the essence of summer.)

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  1. Running through sprinklers. When I was a kid, we had a large backyard but no pool so to cool off in the hot South Florida months, we had both a Slip n Slide and a huge sprinkler, the kind that rotated back and forth, creating an inverted triangle of water sprays, like below:80562695
  2. Icees by the beach. When we lived in Hollywood (Florida) my dad took me to the beach a lot. I assume the reason I don’t remember my mom there is because she worked retail for a time so even though she was home with me during the day and went to work at night, she sometimes had to work weekends too. My dad took me to the beach and on our way back to the car, we’d stop by a truck that made the best slushies. I used to get one that was a pinkish color with bits of cherry and pineapple in it. The best flavor ever.
  3. Backyard barbecue. My parents never had a lot of people over but the idea of a big summer get-together always appealed to me. Something awesome about everyone coming together, eating, drinking,  sweating but enjoying the sun.14290439673_20a8e5f151_z
  4. Fireflies. I have talked about this before but I never got to see these in the southern part of the state but in Tallahassee, we had them in our backyard. And as mentioned, there are so many in our new yard! Now, I tried to get artsy and do a timelapse of some caught in a jar but contrary to popular belief, they don’t fly around in there. I caught 5 and they basically just sat on the side of said jar, not lighting up. Fail.
  5. Fourth of July. Man do I ever love this holiday. There’s something really comforting, to me, about the food (hot dogs and burgers and beans and sweets), the fireworks, and the patriotism. When I was young, we’d get up on the flat part of my grandparents’ roof and watch the fireworks at the nearby country club. At the summer NASCAR race, the fireworks seemed so close you could touch them. The past few years, we go out to Monticello and shoot our guns and do fireworks and hang out with good ol’ country folk. I LOVE IT.
  6. Sleepovers. I definitely went over to friends’ houses more in summer and I loved it. I see why Elliot always wants to: he gets away from the norm, enjoys other peoples’ stuff, and gets to do pretty much whatever he wants.
  7. Jimmy Buffett. I mean, isn’t he quintessential summer? The sounds of his music make me think of beaches, vacations, calm minds, and happy lives.
  8. Tanning. I know being in the sun is bad for you. But when I have a little bit more color to my skin, I feel so much better – healthy even. I use an spf 20 bronzer on my body and a 70 on my face, so I feel like I am trying my best but nothing says summer like a good tan.
  9. Beer by the pool/on the beach/on your back porch. There’s just something so amazing about a cool, refreshing brew outside. It is the essence of summer – cooling off, relaxing.    31266585_ml
  10. Piggybacking off the above, Beach-side restaurants. I just love the beachy, tiki-bar feel. There’s one at St. George Island, The Blue Parrot, that I have wanted to go to FOREVER. Then last summer, we were actually waiting to be seated when we made the executive decision to just go home. My kids were tired, it had been a long day. Oddly enough, we left my oldest with friends who decided to stay and then he said the food wasn’t even that good!
  11. Green. I just love how green everyone’s grass is, how lush.   2696781119_1524b0d21b_z
  12. Relaxed rules. My kids know it; I don’t make sure they are in bed as early. I am a little less strict about foods. I want them to feel the break that is summer.
  13. Fruit. So much is in season now and I love it. We get fresh berries and grapes and peaches at the end. I love a good fruit slush or fruit in my mixed drinks. Super refreshing!


4 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Back to this meme

  1. Everyone has their own summer memories, fantasies, pleasures. Mine is just absorbing all that damn green, after a winter of white and grey and black. And warm. oh yes, warmth without layers.
    Nice list.

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