Random Tuesday – impending, introspective, always something isn’t it?

Stacy Uncorked


  • I usually start to panic a little as the day my husband leaves for a week get closer but for some reason, we are all feeling it a bit early. I can’t really posit why; but the kids and myself bemoan the fact he leaves next Saturday. He’s only really gone for five days and since he doesn’t go out of town often, it just feels awful.
  • In some ways, I do not mind his absence. It allows me to do some special stuff for the kids and they like that. We usually eat Chik-fil-a while he’s gone, since it is not something he likes. I think I’ll take them to the one in the mall then we can walk around some. It should be a nice little reprieve, though I have to have my boys in the office next week because my sister is unable to come visit, as she had planned. And my kids pretty much hate coming to work with me because there’s nothing to do. I’d leave them home but I think they might kill each other. Or play Fortnite until their brains rot.
  • I’ve been feeling very… wistful lately. Like, I keep thinking about calm scenes of summer – beach days, relaxing by a pool, walking through green fields – but I don’t know why. Perhaps wishful thinking; no vacation this year. But in that respect, I have picked up tickets to the wrestling house show and soon, Ghost. See below.
  • Now this IS random: I got a coupon for Hot Topic the last time I bought something and I can’t use it until July. I don’t know why but this bothers me. like, I want to hurry up and use it. They have Stevie Nicks shirts and I want one!
  • I just found out yesterday that Ghost will be in Jacksonville on December first. This sort of makes my day! That’s a reasonable drive. My middle child wants to go with me so I have got to make this happen. The concert is at a small theater that only holds about 1300 people so it should be pretty awesome.
  • My mom confused some of the dates I had given her about visiting and taking care of the boys so I think she’s annoyed with me all over again. I explained that this weekend we just had was the last one before my husband went out of town so we had stuff to do. She misinterpreted it to mean he left Sunday. Sigh. I don’t know how to be more clear but now I am thinking about how to express things as specifically as possible, because I hate misunderstandings like that.
  • From a conversation I had with Ash last night, I realize that I need to get better as expressing what I mean and not saying things that are unhelpful. Even at my age, I am still learning. And that’s ok. I believe in always learning new things.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – impending, introspective, always something isn’t it?

  1. Having been married to an Airline Pilot I am all too aware of being alone…a lot! I got pretty good at leading my own life, even when our kids were little. It is sort of a mindset. Jack would go away, and I would just do my thing, and then when I knew he would be coming back I would plan these little parties for us. A little champagne, and yummy snacks. It made the time away not so bad, and the welcome homes even better.
    Now about the whole mother visiting, taking care of kids, and getting confused, Write it all out dates times, where, etc. Make sure you send it when you make the arrangements and then the day before she is due to come.
    Worth a try.

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